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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Sep 22 '19 esl>eng no esperar que te lo contemos What are you waiting for? pro closed ok
- Dec 28 '17 fra>eng émulation artistique friendly artistic rivalry pro closed ok
- Nov 9 '17 esl>eng Déjate llevar por Let yourself be transported by pro closed no
- Nov 9 '17 esl>eng El mar y la tierra se abrazan Where land meets sea easy closed no
- Nov 9 '17 esl>eng Trasladate al pasado Cast your mind back in time pro closed ok
- May 1 '17 esl>eng turismo de borrachera binge-drinking tourism/mass drunkenness of tourists pro closed no
- Mar 18 '17 esl>eng artículos de culto much-coveted/sought-after luxury goods from around the world pro closed no
- Jan 18 '17 por>eng em corridinho clouds scudding across Pico Ruivo pro closed ok
- Sep 16 '14 esl>eng Colorido humano. human exuberance pro closed ok
4 Jul 3 '14 fra>eng tourisme balnéaire beach tourism/beach resorts easy closed ok
- Jul 1 '14 eng>por Tawny dunes dunas douradas pro closed ok
- Apr 14 '14 por>eng bandeira de luxo luxury brands pro closed ok
- Apr 10 '14 esl>eng acercamiento shuttle train pro just_closed no
- Feb 10 '14 esl>eng Las fiestas más saladas Fun-filled fiestas by the sea. pro closed ok
- Oct 24 '13 fra>eng Tourisme Adapté Niche Tourism pro closed ok
- Jul 30 '13 esl>eng lugares referentes stand-out features pro closed ok
4 Jul 30 '13 esl>eng grandeza vegetal lush vegetation pro closed ok
- Jul 22 '13 fra>eng douche baveuse (ultra) calming hydrotherapy treatment pro closed ok
- Mar 12 '13 esl>eng está documentada la victoria de los resistentes que the victory of local resistance forces is well documented pro closed no
- Oct 2 '12 por>eng imprimir the modernist stamp pro closed ok
- Aug 8 '12 esl>eng Playa preferida XXX is the perfect beach for water sports enthusiasts easy closed ok
- Jul 16 '12 esl>eng GANAS DE CONOCER. Get to know us pro closed no
- Feb 10 '12 fra>eng tête de ligne cruise ship terminals pro closed ok
- Jan 22 '12 eng>fra Mark town market town pro closed no
- Dec 22 '11 por>eng "E amanhã...Qual será nossa diversão?" What's on the agenda for tomorrow? pro closed no
4 Dec 21 '11 por>eng " O (nome do hotel) dará asas a sua imaginação" Hotel XXX will give wings to your imagination pro closed ok
- Jul 1 '11 por>eng grupo por adesão group membership pro just_closed no
- Jun 27 '11 fra>eng Salle-lumière Sunny, light-filled dining room pro open no
4 May 28 '11 esl>eng hizo de las ciudades Rome built cities in its own image pro closed no
- May 28 '11 esl>eng cultos oficiales official religion(s) of the Mayan Empire pro closed ok
- May 26 '11 esl>eng nobleza de la piedra de sus monumentos imprime The grandeur of their stone monuments lends character to an open, welcoming people pro closed ok
- May 25 '11 esl>eng hacer que germinen sus sueños allowing their dreams to develop and grow pro closed ok
- May 12 '11 fra>eng La montagne nous grandit The mountain exalts us/The mountain raises us to another level pro closed no
- May 12 '11 fra>eng Zoom sur... Snapshot/close-up of a unique city pro closed no
- May 9 '11 esl>eng acercamiento transparente offering uninterrupted views over Albufera Nature Park pro closed ok
- Apr 24 '11 fra>eng repas populaire food stalls pro closed ok
4 Mar 15 '11 por>eng Aldeamento Turístico Holiday Village (UK) pro closed ok
- Feb 6 '11 por>eng padrão de atendimento atencioso We offer a high level of customer care and competitive prices pro closed no
- Jan 13 '11 esl>eng ciudad posible Cool Oslo - best place to chill pro closed no
4 Jan 13 '11 por>eng Faça enquetes Create online polls and leave space for testimonials pro closed ok
- Nov 23 '10 por>eng nossos protestos da mais elevada estima Yours faithfully/Yours sincerely pro closed no
4 Nov 22 '10 por>eng adequar serviços à exigências tailor services to requirements/demands pro closed ok
4 Nov 22 '10 por>eng procedimentos de praxe formalities pro closed ok
4 Nov 19 '10 esl>eng iridisación iridescence pro closed ok
- Nov 19 '10 esl>eng abarloar parked side by side pro closed ok
- Nov 16 '10 fra>eng des greniers aux inquiétants souterrains from the uppermost garrets to disquieting underground passages pro just_closed no
- Nov 9 '10 fra>eng La montagne ça nous gagne aussi ! you can't beat the mountain(s) - It's a winner! pro closed no
- Nov 5 '10 fra>eng style/design déclinable scalable design pro closed ok
- Nov 3 '10 por>eng para que o site possua maior encontrabilidade no Google to increase the site's SEO (search engine optimization) pro closed ok
- Oct 29 '10 por>eng Os apartamentos eram assim, segundo o meu arquivo implacável The grim state the rooms were in, as chronicled by my photographs pro closed ok
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