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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 May 19 eng>ara get back at يعاقب pro closed ok
- May 10 ara>eng شرط أو مشارطة arbitration clause or charter-party pro closed no
- May 9 ara>eng مذكرة جوابية في الطعن رقم.... Plea pro closed ok
- May 6 eng>ara The Underwriter ضامن تغطية الاكتتاب pro closed ok
4 Apr 30 eng>ara Protective Claim Form استمارة مطالبة وقائية pro closed ok
- Apr 12 ara>eng ما مدى How far pro closed no
4 Mar 27 ara>eng تصريح غير مشروط Uncoditional travel permit pro closed ok
4 Mar 27 eng>ara Partnership and Coordination Service of the Division of External Relations دائرة الشراكة والتنسيق بشعبة العلاقات الخارجية pro closed ok
4 Mar 20 ara>eng الدائرة الإنهائية settlement circuits pro closed ok
- Mar 12 ara>eng استيفاء الخطوات التوضيحية getting the acceptable justification pro closed ok
- Mar 12 ara>eng كما ترى في ذلك ضرورة as deemed expedient pro open no
- Mar 11 ara>eng لقاء مبلغ مالي Due to a sum of money pro just_closed no
- Mar 9 ara>eng إرخاء الستر عليها Moving in to his home/being alone pro closed no
4 Mar 9 ara>eng لم يدع الاعسار did not claim insolvency pro closed ok
- Mar 9 ara>eng المنفذ ضده respondent pro closed ok
4 Mar 1 ara>eng حصر الأسر Family counting pro closed ok
- Mar 1 ara>eng زمرة الخفر Coast guard pro just_closed no
4 Feb 28 eng>ara racial segregation under العزل العنصري بموجب pro closed no
- Feb 28 eng>ara salary to make up for the loss of job status زيادة راتبك ماهي إلا كتعويض عن خسارتك لمكانتك الوظيفية pro closed no
- Feb 28 eng>ara you're worse off تشعر بالاحباط pro closed no
4 Feb 27 ara>eng لاسناده للبينه Show up the evidence of uterring the divorce statement pro closed no
- Feb 27 ara>eng أرجعها إلى عصمتي وعقد نکاحي I've never got her back as my wife under the Islamic bonds of matrimony pro closed ok
- Feb 27 eng>ara Less favourable treatment معاملة لا تليق بك pro open no
- Feb 25 ara>eng الشروع في اجراءات تنفيذ To initiate the sentence implementation procedures pro closed no
4 Feb 25 ara>eng حسب انطباقه بحقه Applicable to pro closed ok
- Feb 23 ara>eng تعرض الأوراق للتصرف The papers shall be shown for handling easy closed no
4 Feb 22 ara>eng يتحقق به معني Implying the same as easy closed no
- Feb 22 ara>eng وفقا للقيد والوصف According to the record and characterization easy just_closed no
- Feb 20 ara>eng الشركة المدعية أصليا و المدعي عليها تقابلا plaintiff and cross defendant easy closed no
- Feb 20 ara>eng التحقق من الاختصاص بنظر القضية determining the court's jurisdiction pro closed no
- Feb 19 ara>eng مرورية الحادث By accidant او Traffic accident pro closed ok
- Feb 18 ara>eng اسم معتمد جهة المأمورية ثلاثي authorized commissioner officer full name pro closed ok
4 Feb 18 ara>eng قضية حقوقية civil lawsuit pro closed ok
- Feb 17 ara>eng حفظ المادة Close the case easy closed no
- Feb 17 ara>eng قلم التنفيذ Execution court easy closed no
4 Feb 17 ara>eng حتى تنقضي منك شرعاً Untill her waiting period (Idda) is over according to the Islamic Shariaa easy closed no
- Feb 14 ara>eng حصر الإرث Heirs Listing Certificate pro open no
- Feb 15 eng>ara No endorsement is inferred لا يتبنى أي استنتاج pro closed no
- Feb 12 ara>eng نظير أن quid pro quo pro closed ok
4 Feb 13 ara>eng لغيره she will be free to marry another man pro closed ok
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