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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Feb 7 '19 eng>rus rogue military operatives вышедшие из-под контроля спецназовцы pro closed no
4 Feb 3 '19 eng>rus with some perspective on it, having moved out теперь-то, когда мы уехали оттуда, мы понимаем/можем об этом говорить об этом со знанием дела pro closed no
- Feb 26 '18 eng>rus live-stage dramatic adaptation спектакль, основанный на адаптированной для театральной постановки WORK pro closed no
- Mar 28 '17 rus>eng Или вас заклинило? are you stuck, or what? pro closed no
- Mar 7 '17 rus>eng Мигрант, Терминатор и Авария (название для ролика) Migrant, Terminator In Car Crash pro closed no
- Mar 6 '17 rus>eng Вы создаете большую опасность для людей you are creating a [serious/major] hazard for people pro closed no
4 Feb 20 '17 rus>eng Чисто физика/физически with my bare hands pro closed no
- Jan 26 '17 rus>eng Фильм стал настоящим событием. iconic [movie/film] pro closed ok
4 Jan 10 '17 rus>eng Наклейку дадите? Can I have one / can I have a sticker [please]? pro closed no
- Dec 26 '16 rus>eng Гребешок причеши Easy, baby/girl, comb your feathers pro closed ok
- Oct 11 '16 eng>rus I brought you up in my mind. [кажется], я в вас ошиблась/ошибалась pro closed no
- Aug 18 '16 rus>eng Бык bully pro closed no
4 Apr 13 '16 rus>eng Надеть на капот scooped with the front of his car pro closed no
- Apr 11 '16 rus>eng обработка материала фильма processing the [raw] footage pro just_closed no
- Mar 17 '16 rus>eng Пацанчик dude pro closed ok
- Feb 17 '16 rus>eng C сердцем плохо I am having a heart atack pro closed no
- Feb 17 '16 rus>eng Вы в адеквате? Are you [in]sane? pro closed no
- Jul 23 '15 rus>eng Межрегиональная общественная организация federal/national not-for-profit organisation pro closed no
- Jun 3 '15 rus>eng Не надо хамить show some respect! pro closed no
4 Mar 3 '05 rus>eng базар сотник... Sotnik will be the spokesman pro closed no
- Oct 11 '04 eng>eng trail your coat pick up a quarrel with him; make him angry pro closed no
- Jun 28 '04 eng>eng to get funny with sb to start suspecting someone easy closed no
- May 22 '04 eng>eng you are a lesbian off topic easy closed ok
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