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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jul 15 '19 esl>eng No era exactamente guapa, ni dejaba de serlo. she wasn't exactly a handsome woman, but neither was she unattractive pro closed no
- Jul 15 '19 esl>eng desde sus enfáticos años y su sintética voz de adolescente starting with her passionate years as a fast-talking adolescent pro closed no
4 Jul 14 '19 ita>eng quanto di più distante dalla realtà no matter how far removed from the reality of his obligation pro closed ok
- Jul 1 '19 esl>eng con arcos y flechas se hace señor with bows and arrows, she becomes the master pro closed ok
- Jun 30 '19 por>eng Ele Não Tem Simancol he needs to get a grip pro closed ok
- Jun 30 '19 por>eng Que Folga!! How bold! pro closed ok
- Jan 9 '19 esl>eng jamacuco big or nasty stomachache pro closed ok
- Dec 24 '18 ita>eng inespresso silent pro closed ok
- Dec 21 '18 por>eng começarmos a ver o sol that's when we start to witness the break of day pro closed ok
- Dec 12 '18 fra>eng Pourquoi s’arcbouter ? Why give in to them? easy closed ok
- Nov 27 '18 por>eng amor sem brilho lacklustre love/devoid of splendor pro just_closed no
- Nov 27 '18 por>eng Que você tenha muitas boas dúvidas great/exquisite experience pro closed ok
4 Nov 24 '18 fra>eng manquer un bras et une jambe he felt as if he were missing an arm and a leg easy closed no
- Nov 23 '18 fra>eng Naissent alors so then are created some/the... pro closed no
4 Oct 13 '18 esl>eng zona de signos there is a backdrop of signs pro closed ok
- Oct 1 '18 eng>esl Dickens como el demonio pro closed ok
- Aug 7 '18 eng>esl trickster estafador(a)/embustero(a) pro closed ok
- Jul 3 '18 esl>eng El hacer de la palabra the creation of the word/speech pro closed no
- Jul 3 '18 esl>eng la sustentación y el verso Help Through The Written Word pro just_closed no
4 Jul 1 '18 esl>eng formas del hacer forms of creativity/creative forms/methods pro closed ok
- Jul 1 '18 esl>eng hacer hueco en la inteligencia humana forming gaps of intelligence in the human mind pro closed ok
- Jun 30 '18 esl>eng ficha importante there's a significant file on you pro closed ok
- Jun 29 '18 esl>eng luz diurna aleja a la gente para someterlos a la soledad de sus preocupaciones people find daylight repugnant since they experience the isolation of their personal preccupations pro closed ok
- Jun 25 '18 esl>eng revoltear en la acera were fluttering about, over the top of the sidewalk pro closed no
NP May 1 '18 eng>esl blindfolded un hombre con los ojos vendados easy closed ok
- Apr 29 '18 eng>esl zipped my mouth me lavé/me cepillé los dientes muy rápidamente (con) pro closed ok
- Mar 3 '18 eng>esl [With an edge in his voice] acotación con un tono de crispación en su voz pro closed ok
- Feb 25 '18 esl>eng el matrimonio había sucumbido since the marriage had died pro closed no
- Feb 25 '18 eng>esl Annotator anotador pro closed ok
- Jan 28 '18 eng>esl I settled down volví a la normalidad/me normalicé easy closed ok
4 Dec 25 '17 fra>eng motif de rupture we have a reason for not having anything to do with one another anymore pro closed ok
- Oct 20 '17 ita>eng Che se ne fa What does an actor have to do with a literary protagonist? pro closed ok
- Oct 17 '17 ita>eng rappresentare la vostra parte migliore come la peggiore make your best characteristic/attribute look like your worst easy closed ok
- Oct 17 '17 ita>eng ho preso coscienza di me stesso I became self aware. easy closed ok
- Oct 1 '17 fra>eng faire masse causes me to regain my balance pro closed no
- Sep 11 '17 eng>esl laughing his head off tuvo un ataque de risa easy closed no
- Sep 1 '17 ita>eng metro epico epic tone pro open no
4 Sep 1 '17 ita>eng reali verghe royal sceptres pro closed ok
- Aug 26 '17 por>eng Pode se apoiar forte you can lean all your weight on it easy closed ok
- Aug 10 '17 por>eng mato da estrada close to the weeds that line the road pro closed ok
- Aug 2 '17 esl>eng Muertito miniscule corpse pro closed ok
4 Jul 18 '17 por>eng madrugada alta early hours/the wee hours of the morning easy closed ok
- Jul 14 '17 por>eng Como é What's happening? easy closed no
- Jun 16 '17 esl>eng Menudo mosqueo became very irritated pro closed no
- Mar 27 '17 esl>eng de la cual vamos saliendo los dos hechos pedazos that has left us both utterly destroyed pro closed no
4 Mar 27 '17 esl>eng aunque ella misma se oponga even though she herself is opposed to it easy closed ok
- Mar 26 '17 esl>eng hay que ver cuán feroz puede llegar a ser cuando se exalta you have to see how she rages on and on when she gets all worked up pro closed ok
- Mar 26 '17 esl>eng se ha perdido dentro de su propia cabeza got all messed up inside of her own head easy closed no
- Mar 26 '17 esl>eng Qué no diera yo por saber qué hacer what I wouldn't give to know what I should do easy closed no
4 Mar 24 '17 esl>eng me va la vida en encontrarla pero la cosa es difícil, es angustiosa a morir y jo my life depends on finding her, but it's something that is difficult, and it's distressing... pro closed no
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