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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- May 24 '09 eng>ara the study found these individuals وقد أظهرت الدراسة أن هؤلاء الأشخاص معرضون pro closed no
4 May 15 '09 ara>eng سَهْرَةُ العَروسِ Bachelorette Party pro closed no
- Sep 22 '08 ara>eng رفع Lift the fine pro closed ok
- Sep 11 '08 eng>ara pergatory. المطهر pro closed ok
- Sep 5 '08 ara>eng علم وخبر Notice pro closed ok
4 Sep 5 '08 ara>eng كتاب تعهّد letter of undertaking easy closed no
4 Apr 15 '08 ara>eng نفيد بأن الشهادة المذكورة تعادل شهادة الدراسة الثانوية العامة We hereby attest that the said certificate is equivalent to the Secondary School certificate pro closed ok
4 Apr 10 '08 ara>eng القفة The Basket pro closed ok
- Mar 2 '08 ara>eng مدللتكم إسرائيل Your spoiled brat called Israel pro closed ok
- Jan 25 '08 ara>eng التزام الأصيل commitment of the constituent pro closed ok
- Jan 16 '08 ara>eng sho mahdoume 7adertik ma heyk? ma 3endik aghani teb3atili yehon kawnik ma 3am te How cute are you! don't you have any songs to send me since... easy open no
- Jan 16 '08 ara>eng eno ya3ni ana 3am bektob bas ma 3arfeh law yali 3am bekteblik yeh 3sam yusalik a I am writing you but I don't know if you are receiving my letters easy open no
- Dec 23 '07 ara>eng اشد الجماعات المسلحة فتكا The fiercest (deadliest) armed groups pro closed no
4 Oct 24 '07 ara>eng تهويد المناطق المقدسة Judaisation/Judaization pro closed no
4 Aug 28 '07 ara>eng أخل بشروط التعاقد breach contracting terms easy closed ok
1 Aug 6 '07 ara>eng ملحمة عشق a epic love story pro closed ok
- Jun 26 '07 eng>ara non-disclosure statement إقرار بعدم الإفشاء pro closed ok
- Jun 23 '07 ara>eng تجلى reveal Oneself pro open no
NP Feb 24 '07 eng>ara Sexy body or sexy figure جسم/جسد/شكل مثير easy closed no
- Feb 22 '07 ara>eng Catch 22’ situation وضع معقّد pro closed ok
- Feb 20 '07 eng>ara International Tattoo Show عرض دولي للتدريبات العسكريّة pro closed ok
- Feb 20 '07 eng>ara Situational English اللغة الانكليزية الظرفيّة pro closed ok
4 Feb 18 '07 eng>ara 18-hole Golf Course ملعب غولف ذو 18 حفرة pro closed ok
4 Feb 18 '07 eng>ara KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS ليكن معلومًا من الجميع pro closed no
- Feb 11 '07 eng>ara to dot the i's and cross the t's وضع النقاط على الحروف pro closed ok
4 Feb 11 '07 ara>eng مبنى سكني residential building easy closed ok
- Feb 8 '07 eng>ara certiorari عريضة طلب نقل الدعوى المنظورة pro closed ok
- Feb 6 '07 eng>ara ballot اقتراع pro closed no
4 Feb 4 '07 ara>eng الأسرار الالهية Holy Sacraments pro closed ok
4 Feb 4 '07 ara>eng سر المعمودية المقدسة Sacrament of Baptism pro closed ok
- Jan 29 '07 ara>eng رأس المال الصادر Capital Outflow pro closed ok
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