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4 Jan 17 eng>eng ways you can teach your children to show up for themselves methods you can use to teach your children to... pro closed ok
4 Dec 11 '19 eng>eng in what ways give me examples of ways pro closed ok
- Dec 8 '19 eng>eng give the other a hundred yards yes, contradictory readings pro closed ok
4 Nov 28 '19 eng>eng Clear out some room in your closet with a stash of chocolate make some room in your closet for a stash of chocolate pro closed no
4 Nov 26 '19 fra>eng d'office immediately/immediate pro closed ok
4 Nov 19 '19 eng>eng emotional consistency always be consistent in emotional response... pro closed no
4 Nov 8 '19 eng>eng you can show up early and often, as they say be proactive (rather than reactive) pro closed ok
4 Nov 7 '19 eng>eng co-parent any adult who co-parents pro closed ok
4 Nov 5 '19 eng>eng to be in relationship with people with whom they have (any) relationships pro closed ok
4 Oct 31 '19 eng>eng for yourself referring to "making sense of it for yourself" pro closed ok
4 Oct 29 '19 eng>eng middle childhood 6-12 year-old age group pro closed ok
- Sep 12 '19 eng>eng Book time in (ensure you) make time for pro closed no
- Sep 12 '19 fra>eng Veuf de widower easy just_closed no
4 Sep 9 '19 fra>eng masse d’eau body of water easy closed no
4 Aug 21 '19 eng>eng Smuggler Driver runner pro closed ok
- Jun 3 '19 fra>eng s'illustrer Your message hand-lettered and illustrated pro closed no
4 May 5 '19 eng>eng across subjects across research subjects (expert meditators) pro closed ok
- Apr 27 '19 eng>eng Milo Lockett`s paintings are childlike or childish childlike easy just_closed no
4 Apr 13 '19 eng>eng tie-dye hippie-style clothes pro closed ok
4 Apr 12 '19 eng>eng Thank you for your implication your input/involvemwent or being involved pro closed ok
4 Mar 13 '19 eng>eng position posting ideas... easy closed ok
4 Mar 13 '19 eng>eng space latitude/lack of restraint or confinement easy closed ok
4 Feb 21 '19 eng>eng desperately anxiously pro closed ok
4 Jan 1 '19 gai>eng Bliain nua shona, prátaí na hÉireann yes there is easy closed no
4 Oct 2 '18 eng>eng 21 days from the date of vaccination the pet should be eligible for entry into E vaccination must be given any time BEFORE 10 October for entry on 31st easy closed no
4 Sep 24 '18 gae>eng Courage Grows Strong at a Wound Courage grows strong at a wound pro closed ok
- Jul 13 '18 eng>eng feedback loops used to bully people contradictory... pro closed ok
4 Jun 25 '18 eng>eng I’d start by keeping an eye on the death notices. start looking at the obituary notices because... pro closed ok
4 May 14 '18 eng>eng bang at it fully involved in (drug dealing)+ committed to (working away at...) pro closed ok
- Jan 20 '18 eng>eng had not written for a long time and has done it a blast from the past pro closed no
- Dec 11 '17 eng>eng F***ed up screwed=head is messed up easy closed ok
4 Nov 22 '17 eng>eng score cards cards for recording the score easy closed ok
4 Nov 6 '17 fra>eng à onze heures quinze minutes at fifteen minutes past eleven (in the morning) easy closed no
- Oct 22 '17 eng>eng when the kids get out of the house when the kids get out from under my feet easy closed ok
4 Oct 9 '17 eng>eng Roma woman who left her husband and returned to her parents run-home-to Daddy wife easy closed ok
- Sep 10 '17 fra>eng le plus grand rendez-vous populaire is the most popular horse race in terms of attracting bets (with)in France pro just_closed no
- Sep 3 '17 eng>eng moon sign sign your moon is in (Cancer?) pro just_closed no
4 Aug 17 '17 eng>eng venue no easy closed ok
- Jun 10 '17 eng>eng the or each each easy closed no
4 Jun 2 '17 esl>eng embrujo (in this context) beguilement/witchcraft/bewitchery/charm/magic/sorcery pro closed ok
4 May 29 '17 eng>eng reason why or doubt why doubt easy closed no
- May 29 '17 eng>eng blend, combine or merge blend easy closed no
4 May 29 '17 eng>eng excellent or high reputation excellent easy closed no
- May 9 '17 eng>eng impotence inabilty to attain/sustain erection pro just_closed no
4 Apr 30 '17 eng>eng capricious or whimsical unpredictable, changeable, volatile, touchy, temperamental, etc. easy closed ok
4 Apr 9 '17 eng>eng call her instead of so she might get it back to the customer faster easy closed no
4 Apr 2 '17 eng>eng offstage channel switching changing the means (veues) of communication/interaction pro closed ok
- Apr 1 '17 eng>eng the first time why bother asking at all easy closed ok
4 Mar 26 '17 eng>eng become a bit of a joke with us a running joke that's really not about something funny easy closed ok
4 Mar 14 '17 eng>eng general meaning of the sentence before I took up this position/started this job pro closed ok
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