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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jan 9 '11 rus>eng Готовь сани летом, а телегу - зимой. Be an ant and not a grasshopper pro closed no
4 Jan 6 '11 rus>eng Удрать took off/scampered away pro closed ok
4 Jul 19 '10 rus>eng поиграть в «железного Шурика» use/rule with an iron fist pro closed ok
- Dec 9 '09 rus>eng Пусть на шкуре Вашего тигра будет больше светлых полосок! May your tiger have fewer black stripes this year! pro closed no
- Mar 28 '09 rus>eng мартовский кот tomcat with spring fever pro closed no
4 Nov 29 '07 rus>eng с нуля starting from nothing, or from the ground up pro closed ok
- Sep 27 '06 eng>rus fall off the bus I'm not sure it's an idiom... pro closed no
- Jul 20 '06 rus>eng Закуска градус крадет A piece of bread and you'll keep your head. pro closed ok
- Feb 13 '06 rus>eng Ученье свет, а не ученых тьма Knowledge is power, but the powerless are legion. pro closed no
- Jan 10 '06 rus>eng к черту на рога to who the hell knows where pro closed ok
4 Oct 21 '05 rus>eng с/м S&M pro closed ok
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