Penerjemah Indonesia - Harry Hermawan
Ayo ke Indonesia!

Local time: 18:44 WIB (GMT+7)

Native in: Indonesian (Variant: Standard-Indonesia) 
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Penerjemah Indonesia

Need to Indonesian, localize it with Penerjemah Indonesia.
Mission Statement: A local taste for the global audience at a competitive price and always listening to your words translating them into action.

Industries / markets / subject areas

Advertising (marketing), Advertising (media), Automotive, Compliance, Marketing/Communications, Business products, Consumer products, Energy, Entertainment, Environmental, Finance (Microfinance), Finance / Banking / Accounting, Financial/markets, Government, Healthcare, Higher Education, Hospitality, Information technology, Insurance, Internet/E-commerce, Investment / Securities, Journalism, Law/Legal, Management, Oil, Philosophy, Safety, SAP ERP, Social sciences, Software, Software (educational), Software (games), Software (multimedia), Telecommunications, Tourism, Training/Education.

Job / document types

Animation, Articles, Books, Brochures, Business cards, Catalogs, Certificates, Contracts and agreements, Corporate letters, E-Learning Courses, Economic/Trade materials, Educational records/documents, Film scripts, Financial statements, Flyers, Help files, Labels/Packaging, Legal content, Legal documents, Letters/Emails, Manuals, Manuals (employee), Manuals (non-technical), Manuals (technical), Marketing, Marketing (advertisements), Newsletters, Policy wordings, Presentations, Surveys, User guides, Video, Voice over scripts, Web sites.

Services/Products Offered

Content management, Copywriting, Desktop publishing (DTP), Document translation, Editing, Internationalization, Interpreting, Language training, Linguistic Testing, Local guides, Localization, Project Management, Proofreading, QA Testing, Search Engine Optimization, Subtitling, Summarizing, Tools/Technology systems, Training, Transcriptions, Translation, Voiceover/dubbing.

Languages offered/supported

Arabic, German, English, French, Indonesian, Javanese, Sundanese.
Ayo ke Indonesia!
5-9 languages supported
Harry Hermawan
Established in 2005
10-25 employees
Thousands of words per day

Process / workflow description

Document received>>>Analysis>>>Quotation>>>Receive PO>>>Export>>>Task Analysis>>>Translation>>>Proofreading>>>Editing>>>OPT: Editing Independent>>>Import>>Editing lay out>>Finalization>>Delivery

Quality process

Import/Extract > Translation > Proofreading > Editing > OPT: Editing Independent > Export > Final Document > Delivery





Minimum project fee 50 USD

Currencies accepted

Euro (EUR), Pounds sterling (GBP), U. S. dollars (USD)

Supported file types

doc, docx, pdf, ppt, pptx, rtf, tiff, ttx, txt, xliff, xls, xlsx

Client List

Alboum & Associates - Other

Languages which this company does business in

English, Indonesian


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