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Translation in Uruguay has a long tradition, with one of the first formal translation studies in Latin America and renowned linguists such as Prof. Roberto Puig and Lic. Sara Alvarez Catalá de Lasowski.

Uruguayan translators tend to be well educated, many having earned relevant university degrees, and some also have done additional coursework in their areas of expertise. A combination of factors including a reputation for quality, a brand of Spanish that "travels" well, and international experience in many cases, has led to substantial use of Uruguayan translators by international firms.

Several hundred professionals are members of the "Colegio de Traductores Públicos del Uruguay", which operates a system of "sworn" translators, and promotes the profession.

The community in Uruguay is very lively and closely-knit. Powwows, trainings and two Conferences have been held in Montevideo.

Translation market in Uruguay

Uruguay has a relatively small translation market, centered mainly upon embassies and consulates. However, some big foreign companies have established themselves in Uruguay, especially in Zonamerica and other special areas. Conferences and tourism mean yet another important field of development of translation and interpreting.

Languages spoken in Uruguay

Official languages

The official language of Uruguay is Spanish.

Other languages

English is widely taught at schools. French used to enjoy an important status decades ago. Portuguese is becoming more important every year, due to the vicinity of Brazil.

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