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Argentina has a highly developed translation industry. Argentine translators tend to be relatively well educated, many having earned relevant university degrees, and some also have done additional coursework in their areas of expertise. A combination of factors including a reputation for quality, a brand of Spanish that "travels" well, and in some cases pricing that is competitive in international markets, has led to substantial use of Argentine translators by international firms.

Several thousand professionals are members of the "Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudadde Buenos Aires", which operates a system of "sworn" translators, and promotes the profession.

State of the translation industry in Argentina

Local history and factors affecting translation in Argentina

Profile of domestic demand


Legal framework

Public commentary

  • "The translation industry in Argentina is dominated by strong women - men are engineers or systems support" - K Vashee, via Twitter
  • "Professionals working on the translation of English texts are often faced with new English terms for which Spanish equivalents have not yet been developed. In search of accuracy, translators in Argentina have resorted to the translator's note as a solution to this problem." - Silvana Debonis, Instructor, Universidad del Museo Social, Buenos Aires

Working as a translator in Argentina

Industry bodies

Industry associations

Schools with translation or interpreting programs

Other bodies

Notable Argentine translators

Argentina and

The community in Argentina is one of the largest and most active worldwide. Conferences, powwows and trainings have been held in Buenos Aires, La Plata, Cordoba, Rosaria and across the country.

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