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(IP addresses and how to decode them)
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= Overview =
= Overview =
= Attached files =
= The use of free email services =
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=== Using Yahoo email ===
=== Using Yahoo email ===
= Attached files =

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Attached files

The use of free email services

Reading and understanding the source IP address

On IP addresses

Further reading:

IP addresses and how to decode them

  • Once you have the source IP of the email you can investigate this information using a tool like to one provided by Melissa
  • To do that you should enter the IP address in the corresponding field and click on "submit".
    • You will get the following information:


Getting the source IP address of an incoming email

Emails received through your ProZ.com profile

  • When you receive an email through your ProZ.com profile, the header of the message includes the following information:
    • When the sender was not logged-in:
You have been sent a message via ProZ.com.
Author: XXXX [NOTE: The author is not a registered ProZ.com user or was not logged in when sending this message.]
Author's IP address:
Message type: Job-related

Using Gmail

Using Yahoo email

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