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Invoice sample

Click here to see an invoice sample in Germany

Information that invoices must contain

  • Full name of the service provider.
  • Complete address of service provider.
  • Full name of recipient.
  • Complete address of recipient.
  • Service provider's tax number (Steuernummer) or VAT ID (for those liable for VAT).
  • Recipient VAT number, if recipient is VAT-registered.
  • The date of issue of the invoice.
  • For all invoices, a unique (alpha)numerical identifier (a simple serial number suffices).
  • A brief description of the service(s) provided.
  • The date or period during which the service was provided.
  • An itemised list of each service provided with the unit price (e.g. €65 per hour), the total amount for each service, and the grand total, or a fixed charge, without VAT.
  • For a final invoice, all advance payments (for which invoices also have to be issued).
  • The amount of VAT and the rate applied. If VAT does not apply (only for those liable for VAT), a simple statement explaining why.
  • The (grand) total including VAT.
  • Any discount granted before VAT and the discount rate applied.

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Invoice template

The Invoicing tool offers a variety of invoice templates that can be used to generate invoices in HTML or/and PDF formats.

Other invoice examples can be found at:

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