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Questo articolo tratta di come diventare un traduttore freelance, supponendo che ci siano le abilità attinenti.


  • Traduzione
  • Interpretariato
  • Documento di partenza / lingua di partenza
  • Documento d' arrivo / lingua d' arrivo
  • Preventivo
  • Acquistare l' ordine ("PO")
  • Fattura
  • CAT / TM tool
  • Certificazione

Things to consider before you begin

Is the field right for you?

Do you have the requisite skills?

Is freelancing right for you?

In what areas will you provide services?

You'll have to identify at the outset the areas in which you will offer translation and/or interpreting services. Generally speaking, as a translator, you'll be identifying your top one or two language pairs, and the top five or ten subject matter areas in which you can work.


Things to have from the start


  • Computer: It is best to have both a desktop and a laptop as a back-up computer. A laptop is also useful to take along to conferences and in-person training sessions, and in fact, may sometimes be a requirement on such occasions.


  • Microsoft Word (or preferably, all of MS Office)
  • OpenOffice
  • PDF reader


  • Email (Gmail, etc.)
  • Internet connection - high speed much preferred
  • Bank account, Paypal

Establishing your online presence

Building a profile

Building a website


Basic file handling

Establishing a backup regimen

Finding work / clients

Online resources / workplaces

Getting translation companies as customers

Getting end clients as customers

Member tips:

  • Join associations / groups / networks in your fields of expertise (legal association, etc.)
  • Market yourself locally, using traditional means (mailings, newspaper ads, etc.)
  • Connect via university networks
  • Network among (fellow) expats
  • Market your services via your own website, in a way geared towards end clients
  • Friends who know you as a translator may be a source of end clients

See also:

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Resources for learning more


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