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Freelance translators may often find themselves in a position where they would like to take on additional or part-time work, either to fill in the days when there are no translation assignments or to earn some additional income. You might also just need a change from translation work at times or, in the case of experienced translators, you might feel the need to share your knowledge or pass it on to less experienced colleagues.

Some possibilities for additional/part-time work are listed below:

Teaching languages

This may be a very obvious one to people with language skills and knowledge of two or more languages, and it is probably the most common additional/part-time work translators engage in, so does not require much explanation.

Working as an editor/proofreader'

Again, this is work many translators offer in addition to translation and you will be aware of what it involves.

Virtual assistant

Translators may also like to offer their services as a virtual assistant. This would involve secretarial and administrative work that is outsourced by companies to virtual assistants and can be done from a home office. Translators have the advantage that they can offer bi-lingual and tri-lingual virtual assistant services, just as companies previously used to have bi-lingual secretaries.

Virtual assistants carry out a variety of tasks from writing reports to preparing power point presentations and web writing. Translation could also be offered as part of a virtual assistant’s services.

For more information on this type of work see:

Web writing and design

This may also be an attractive avenue for freelance translators looking for work in addition to translating, and could also be offered in two or more languages.

Training other translators

Many experienced translators offer further training courses, both in-person and online to share their knowledge with both other experienced translators and less experienced colleagues. offers this opportunity on its training platform.

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