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Release Yourself From Sending Limit-Get Verified Today Whether you are buying or selling, you want instant, unlimited access to your funds. Get Verified and eliminates sending limit. Improve your PayPal reputation, too. Once you are Verified, you can:

  • Sending and receiving money as much and as often as you like
  • Enhance your credibility with buyers and sellers around the world
  • Send payment directly from your bank account
  • Take advantage of exclusive services such as PayPal Seller Protection

Getting other Security Verified Means to You When you send and receive money, the status of "Verified" is your stamp of approval. This lets other members know you confirmed with PayPal member, an active bank account at this time. Enhance the credibility and the overall security of the PayPal network.

How do I become Verified? Just Add and Confirm Bank Account. We will send you an account of two small deposits. Enter these deposits on the PayPal website. Answering a quick confirmation phone call from our third-party authentication service to validate your information and you are ready. Get Verified using your credit card. Provide us with your information. We will make two small fee for your card. Back to PayPal and enter charges along with the adjacent code as it appears on your credit card statement. We'll reimburse you for the cost and you will be Verified. It's easy, quick, and we can guide you through every step.

Is It Safe to Enter My Personal Information? Yes! PayPal uses the absolute latest encryption technology to keep your account information safe and secure. The information we request is available at the bottom of every check you write. Your security is our top priority. We never disclose your personal information to anyone ... ever.


Verification FAQ

What it means to be Verified?

Verification increases the security of the PayPal network. Verified members have successfully completed PayPal's Verification system to develop their identity with us. Verification process varies by country or region. For example, in the United States, Verified member has added and confirmed a bank account with PayPal. In Germany, a Verified member has completed a bank transfer or the Expanded Use Process. In most countries and regions where PayPal is available, Verified member has added a credit card and completed the Expanded Use process.

Why is PayPal asking members to become Verified?

PayPal encourages members to become Verified to increase trust and safety in our community. Because financial institutions screen their account holders, PayPal's verification process increases security when you pay parties you do not know.

Do I have to be Verified?

You must be a Verified to be able to make a payment over $ 500.00 USD or withdraw money from your PayPal account.

How Verification benefit me?

Verify enables you to lift your sending limit on your PayPal account or withdraw money from it. In addition, the Verification give people more information about you when they transact with you through PayPal and vice versa. PayPal encourages members to become Verified to increase trust and safety in our community.

How to utilize the PayPal Verification process?

PayPal Verification process increases security and reduces the risk of fraud when you pay to those who do not know. You can know the status Verify PayPal users in several ways:

When you receive a payment: Log in to your account, go to the My Account tab, then click the History subtab. Find and select the payment link status (for example, "Pending") in the Status column. It will take you to the payment details page. In addition to the sender's name, you will find people who Verification status (Verified, Unverified). When you send a payment: When you send a payment, a reputation link is provided where you can see the status of the recipient (Verified, Unverified).

Note: PayPal Verification System is not an endorsement of a member or a member's business practices guarantee. You should always consider other indicators when evaluating members, including length of PayPal membership and reputation scores (on eBay or other shopping sites, if applicable). You can use the unique guide like cara verifikasi PayPal if you have difficulty verifying a paypal account or have access limits.

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