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Translation in France has long tradition due to the history of the country and of the French language and the crossroads position of France. With globalization and the generalisation of the English language, France has one strength: The Académie française, a language protection institution unique to France.

However, French translators face a lack of regulation of the industry. Nowadays in France, anyone can declare themselves *a professional translator*. The majority remains certified and trained translators (background translators or former specialists who went into translation) - a lot of French universities offer MA-degree courses, and there are 5 professional translations colleges.

The Toubon Act is a French specificity - it aims at protecting the French linguistic heirloom by requiring that legal documents, advertising, products presentations, user manuals, etc. be translated into French. This law guarantess a constant volume of translation work for local translators.

The main translators organization in France is the SFT (Société française des traducteurs). Its members enjoy legal help and consult, and guidance in the French administrative and fiscal jungle.

The French community is active and varied. A lot of powwows, training sessions and conferences take place every year in France. It is actually the record-holder country for conferences, with 3 events 3 years in a row, every year with the same success.

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