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Reporting email from Nigel Bennett. This time he is "located " in St. Louis, Missouri and interested in having a document translated. The text is as follows and matches almost exactly to emails sent by him in May 2013. 2013/11/28 Nigel Mark Jennett <>


I'm Nigel Jennett from St Louis,Missouri.I'll be making a presentation

to some groups of Czezh speaking people in Prague on the 13th of
January,2014.However,i will need you to help me translate a document
from English to Czech,so each of my audience can have a copy in their
local language and they can follow through.The deadline for the
delivery of translation is January 10,2014.Kindly let me have an
estimate for the document(see attached).I look forward to hearing back
from you soon.

Kind Regards,


He accepted my quote and request for payment up front but not how I requested the payment to be sent and did not answer any of my questions. His reply:

Hello Martina,

Thanks for the quick response.The quoted price is fine with me and i will like to proceed with the project.I do not have a Paypal account but google wallet.Please provide me with your payment name,mailing address and contact phone number so i can have my assistant sent out payment to you inform of a Money Order or Certified Check asap.I look forward to hearing back from you.Have a wonderful day.

Best Regards,


Thanks to the previous posting here I am not going to work for this person and wish I had done a more thorough research before even replying to him. He is obviously not a real customer in need of a translation.

Scam from

I received a translation from Brenda Mora

Your price seems relatively low when compared to other translators and I really do appreciate that. Your total of XXXX EUR looks very good with your delivery time. To make this easier for both parties, you will receive a 50% deposit upfront to start and the balance upon completion of the project. If this works for you, kindly get back to me with the details below so that the payment can be facilitated via wire transfer.

For wire transfer Bank Name: Bank Address: Beneficiary Address: Name of Beneficiary: IBAN: BIC: Beneficiary Phone number / Whats App #:


Beware of They are currently targeting translators on this site. The PM is called Ahmed Mahmoud (fake name). This is a fake company/agency. This is the message and email:

Dear translator. We have a project for translation from Spanish into Italian ( 1010 words ) Project detail Rate: 30 USD Deadline: Tomorrow at 1 PM- CET

Payment terms/ via PayPal Please confirm your availability and i will send the file Waiting for your reply

Ahmed Mahmoud

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