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proposal: to add further points to the list

"clever business practices" (another sort of scam, needs nearer look at it, another name, I'd say. simple scams come from outside of the translation market. "clever business pracises" are a part of them.)

- free test business practise (would need a clarification that not every free test inquiry is one, but. and this 'but' needs a description)

- translations ordered via free mail (with comp having afterwards no idea about the order - this c.a.n. be done with as well as without the agency knowing about: i.e. it c.a.n. be an independent work thief as well as... well. the agency itself starting into some "additional revenue", afterwards claiming to know nothing - neither to know anything about this freemail account owner nor to have anything do with him/her)

- ...

- ...

(contributions welcome.)

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