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  1. Acquiring translation knowledge
  2. Additional/part-time work possibilities for freelance translators
  3. Approaches used in determining payment for translation projects
  4. Book translation
  5. Books of interest to translators
  6. Books that have translators as characters
  7. Building a translation portfolio
  8. CAT tools: general technical issues
  9. Carrying out a typical project (translators)
  10. Common misconceptions about translation
  11. Computer tools for translators
  12. Converting a .pdf file to .doc format
  13. Converting a PDF document to .DOC format
  14. Creating an effective CV / resume
  15. Debt collection for translators
  16. Deciding upon translation as a profession
  17. Defining translation services
  18. Detecting and reacting to false job offers and other scams
  19. Determining your rates and fees as a translation company
  20. Determining your rates and fees as a translator
  21. Déjà Vu: an overview
  22. Déjà Vu: technical issues
  23. Editing translations: Part I: Different types of editing
  24. Editing translations: Part II: Why is editing/revising a translation necessary?
  25. Editing translations: Part III: The reviewing process
  26. En veiledning for den som skal ha oversatt tekster
  27. Establishing yourself as a freelance translator
  28. Facebook ads
  29. Famous quotes about translation
  30. Forming a translation company
  31. Free Software for Translators
  32. Freebies
  33. Getting established as an interpreter
  34. Getting the most out of industry events
  35. Glossary management
  36. Google's search box: uses
  37. Handling factual errors in the source text
  38. Healthcare interpreting
  39. Heartsome: an overview
  40. Heartsome: technical issues
  41. How to convert a TM to TMX in Wordfast
  42. How to install wordfast and plustools
  43. How to issue invoices
  44. How to make a glossary from a spreadsheet file in Wordfast
  45. How to write an invoice
  46. Insurance Marketing Branding By Nation Quote
  47. Insurance Website Design by Nation Quote
  48. International Translation Day
  49. Invoicing requirements for Argentina
  50. Invoicing requirements for Argentina/es

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