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There are now several online services allowing access to aggregated translation memories. Please add any you know to the list below.


  • Multilingual translation memories from European Commission. As of November 2007, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation (DGT) made publicly accessible its multilingual Translation Memory for the Acquis Communautaire (the body of EU law) – a collection of parallel texts (texts and their translation, also referred to as bi-texts) in 22 languages. This is a page for technical users, where you will find a summary of this unique resource and instructions on where to download it and how to produce bilingual aligned corpora for any of the 231 language pairs (462 language pair directions). See [▼ DOWN 2017-02-19]
  • MyMemory - Free large TM. Offers an API supporting remote access to the TM. See:
  • TAUS - Industry association formed for the purpose of sharing TMs, with large translation companies and end clients as participants. Some search capabilities are available online.
  • Linguee - "Search millions of sentences translated by other people."
  • Glosbe - Web interface for searching really big (more than 0.5 bln bitexts) TM/parallel corpora. A lot of bureaucratic, medical and "normal life" texts. A lot of languages covered (even less popular like Hebrew or Turkish).
  • TTMEM - a list of translation memories (grouped by category) aligned by Staff, based mostly on technical texts and web resources. Note: free accounts can only download 3 translation memories every 30 days. After that, you need a paid account.
  • Idiom master - Try a collection of millions of expressions, phrases and idioms translated into different languages: from English to Spanish, German, French, Italian and the other way around. Learn from accurate translations.

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Publicly accessible translation memories (TMs)

Walter Moura Identity Verified
Local time: 18:02
English to Portuguese - Search millions of sentences translated by other people.Oct 13, 2010

What is Linguee?

With Linguee, you can search many millions of bilingual texts for words and expressions. Every expression is accompanied by useful additional information and suitable example sentences.
What is the benefit?
When you translate texts to a foreign language, you usually look for common phrases rather than translations of single words. With its intelligent search and the significantly larger amount of stored text content, Linguee is the right tool for this task. You find:

* In which context a translation is used
* How frequent a particular translation is
* Example sentences: How other people translated an expression

By searching not only for a single word, but for a respective word in its context, you can easily find a translation that fits optimal in the respective context. With its large number of entries, Linguee often retrieves translations of rare terms that you don't find anywhere else.


Ivana Kahle Identity Verified
Local time: 22:02
Member (2007)
German to Croatian
+ ...
LingueeOct 13, 2010

... can be very useful, indeed. I've tried it myself several times.


Henry Dotterer
Local time: 17:02
I'll add Linguee to the body of the wiki articleOct 13, 2010

Thanks. Feel free to edit the wiki directly, that's how it works...


Michael Wetzel Identity Verified
Local time: 22:02
German to English
best for translations into a foreign languageOct 14, 2010

I also occasionally use, but would like to emphasize that is is most helpful when translating into a foreign language.

The results of (at least de>en) are often not very reliable compared to a decent dictionary; but, when the results are good, offers a lot more help in correctly using the term or phrase in the target language. This is a major issue when translating into a non-native language. (On the other hand, tends to reinforce typical errors of non-native translators.)

If the results are then checked against a specialized or general monolingual dictionary or, better yet, against genuine parallel texts (vs. the translated texts offered by with a Google regional search or by other means, then it is a good tool.


PS: My main concern is that


Lisa McCarthy Identity Verified
Local time: 22:02
Member (2007)
Spanish to English
+ ...
Reliability of LingueeFeb 29, 2012

I agree with Michael.
Linguee is useful sometimes, but remember that these are just translations done by other people, some good and some bad - you really need to be able to tell the difference. It's worth taking a look at the quality of some of the rest of the text, not just the phrase or word that you're looking for.


FarkasAndras Identity Verified
Local time: 22:02
English to Hungarian
+ ...
OPUSFeb 29, 2012

You left out the most important one, OPUS.
I tried adding it but some sort of login is required, and frankly, I won't bother with that.

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Stephen Reader
Local time: 22:02
German to English
Translationese to be taken with careJun 7, 2012

Absolutely agree with Michael and Lisa. Linguee a resource of both inspired and risible/pitfall solutions; cueing "+wikipedia" with a search term in one of the pop. search engines in source & then target lang. (if there is one) is often more fruitful (though not every Wik. article is native-language either); & often a good point of departure for further, respective native-lang. links.


Silvio Picinini Identity Verified
United States
Local time: 14:02
English to Portuguese
+ ...
Which ones can be used directly in CAT tools?Aug 1, 2013

They are all great as an external searches, but maybe it could be good to identify which of these can be used directly as TMs in CAT tools. It seems that MyMemory can be used in most tools.

[Edited at 2013-08-01 05:33 GMT]


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