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This page is designed to house links to sites, groups, networks and material which seek to stimulate industry-wide cooperation to support the livelihood of professional translators. All translators are welcome and encouraged to add to this material by posting the relevant link(s) and indication of the subject matter or areas addressed by the material or group. To add to this page, just click the "edit" link at the top of the page or above the particular section to which you wish to add.

Of particular interest are those active in the following areas:

  1. differentiation on the basis of quality
  2. establishing a more direct correlation between quality and price
  3. techniques for boosting productivity
  4. marketing / negotiation / business skills for translators

This material has been separated by language where possible, for easier searching. To post material for a language not already shown, just use the header button in the edit form (the large "A" in the formatting options at the top)

Note that although these have been areas of focus in events and trainings for some time, there is ongoing demand for training on these topics in various areas and languages. If you have developed programs in these areas, and would like to deliver trainings or sessions on these topics, please make a proposal via support request.


PDF files:


  • Site dedicated to promoting and improving the profession of translators and interpreters in Italy

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