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This article is designed to keep updated information regarding minimum wage laws in different countries, in line with the policy for removal of job postings which clearly do not offer rates of pay consistent with legal minimums. Note that this policy can only be applied in cases where there is a clear violation of the minimum rate of pay required by national/federal law in the country where the job has been posted.

Existing Wikipedia articles contain information on minumum wages by country, including:

All translators are encouraged to contribute to this knowledge base by adding relevant lists in their language(s) above, or entering any information which may be specific to translators or translation in relation to minimum legal wage for their country of residence below. When supplying information for a given country, the following must be included:

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  • at least one link to a reliable online source where this information can be verified (for example, a link to the official government page stating the current minimum wage)

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18,000 Algerian dinars per month, nationally.










Minimum wage is regulated by minimum wage law and currently is 278.02 EUR. This applies for full-time jobs, no special regulation concerning different professions, except agreements with different unions (no translators professional union here though). Quite a number of translators prefer to be self-employed, so minimum wage does not apply to them.

It is possible to look up history of minimum wage for Estonia and other EU countries on Eurostat page


There is no minimum wage law in Finland, but the trade union of translators (KAJ ry [1]) gives minimum wage recommendations for translation work.

The recommendations are based on an 37,5 hour work week and the work being carried out under an employment contract. A freelancer or self-employed entrepreneur should at least double these amounts.

The minimum wage recommendations for the Helsinki region are 2828 - 3066 EUR/month for expert tasks, 3021 - 3292 EUR/month for demanding expert tasks, and 3224 - 3563 EUR/month for very demanding expert tasks. The corresponding hourly rates are 17,90 - 19,41 EUR/h, 19,12 - 20,84 EUR/h, and 20,41 - 22,55 EUR/h.

The minimum wage recommendations for the rest of Finland are 2686 - 2913 EUR/month for expert tasks, 2870 - 3125 EUR/month for demanding expert tasks, and 3062 - 3386 EUR/month for very demanding expert tasks. The corresponding hourly rates are 17,00 - 18,44 EUR/h, 18,16 - 19,78 EUR/h, and 19,38 - 21,43 EUR/h.


The current minimum wage, as fixed by the French government and applied by the URSSAF is 8,86€ per hour.



According to this page of the Federal German Statistical Office -,templateId=renderPrint.psml - there is no minimum wage covering various different jobs. There is only a minimum wage for a limited number of trades, and translation is not among them.

According to this document, concerning Court translators - - the minimum fee for a translation is EUR 15.00.

The charging method is per line begun of 55 characters with spaces, and it is the lines in the target text that are counted.

On this basis, the normal price is EUR 1.25 per line. If the terminology is very specialised or the text is fairly illegible, the price is EUR 1.85 per line. In extreme cases of, for example, all aspects of a text being very difficult, the price can rise to EUR 4.00 per line.

Please see Clause 11 of the reference document.





According to Government Decision no. 1051 / 2008, the national minimum gross guaranteed wage for 2010 is:

  • 600 lei for unqualified workers în private companies (i.e. 3.529 lei/hour); 200% for workers with higher education in private companies
  • 705 lei for unqualified workers in budgetary organizations; 200% for workers with higher education in budgetary organizations

For translators and interpreters, the Romanian Labour Ministry indicates a salary of 300-400% of minimum gross wage


  • Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection minimum wage statistics: [2]
  • Government Decision no. 1051 / 2008 (Romanian): [3]
  • Occupational profile - translator (Romanian): [4]
  • Occupational profile - interpreter (Romanian): [5]

Russian Federation



United States

Current federal minimum wage is 7.25 USD per hour.



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