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1. Abstract
This document describes the subset of the screening center that is used by reviewers.
Note: the interface is currently being improved, so there may be some temporary differences between its look and feel and functionalities and the ones described in this manual.

2. Types of users

  • There are five levels of players in the screening center interface:
    • users have access to the pages that allow them to apply in order to become TWB approved translators.
    • Approved translators have gone through the screening process and have access to jobs posted within their language pair and (when required) field(s) of expertise.
    • Reviewers are in charge of the process of translators screening, evaluating the quality of sample translations sent.
    • Job posters can post and review jobs in the system
    • Administrators can nominate/suspend reviewers, nominate/suspend job posters and approve/decline translators.

3. Access levels for translators and reviewers

  • Translators (approved or not) have access to the pages "Overview" and "Take a translation test".
  • Reviewers have access to the pages "Overview", "Take a translation test" and "Admin". Within the admin page they have access to "Overview", "Tests received", "Source texts" and "Reviewers". Users who have more than a role will have access to all pages and functionality allowed to each of the roles. 4 - Pages visible to reviewers The following pages in the interface implemented by for Translators without Borders (TWB) are available to reviewers:
    • Overview: Visible to all, it includes an introduction to the TWB platform and the role of TWB reviewers, and a list of working language pairs.
    • Take a translation test: Visible to all, is the entry page for the volunteer screening platform. Here translators can select a source text to submit a test translation.
    • Admin - Overview: Visible only to reviewers and administrators, it includes some basic statistics on the operation.
    • Admin - Tests received</a></u>: Visible only to reviewers and administrators. Includes a filter and a list of all tests submitted in a table with the columns ""Test ID", "Pair / source text", "Reviews" and "Determination". By clicking on the "Name/test ID" link reviewers will have access to the reviewing features of the particular test.
    • Admin - Source texts: Visible only to reviewers and administrators. Contains a table with all posted source texts with the columns "Language and field / Title", "Word count" and "Tests received"The first column contain links to the "Language and field" page and to the specific source text.
    • Admin - Reviewers: Visible only to reviewers and administrators. Contains a table with the list of authorized reviewers and another with the list of authorized job posters.
    5. Screening and administration of translators 5.1 - Applications by translators
    • A translator goes to the <a href=>Take a translation test</a> tab and clicks on the link corresponding to the language pair (s)he wants to apply in.
    • The translator is taken to the page corresponding to the selected language pair (for instance <a href=>English to Spanish</a>) and selects a source text by clicking on the corresponding link.
    • A page opens with two columns, one for the source text and the other for the target text, where each row will correspond to a segment of the source text.
    • The translator will enter his/her rendering of each segment into the target language in the corresponding cell. The page does not time out.
    • Once the assignment is complete the translator clicks on the "Submit text button"
    • The translator receives a message that the text was received and (s)he will be contacted after the submission is reviewed.
    5.2 - Evaluation of tests
    • A reviewer or administrator goes to the <a href=>Admin - Tests received</a> tab and filters the entries (s)he wants to see including filtering by source text, language pair, field and entries reviewed by that particular reviewer.
    • Reviewers will not see the site identity of the translator who submitted the test.
    • Clicking on the "Test ID" link corresponding to a given entry will open the translation quality assessment interface with the selected test.
    • Clicking on the "+" symbol to the right of "Instructions for reviewers" will reveal detailed instructions for reviewers to assess the submitted test.
    • The reviewer will provide feedback for each segment in the sample provided. The "Ok" button will approve the segment as is, while the "Errors" button will allow the record of errors found in the segment. A third button "Compare row" allows the reviewer to compare the translation submitted for the segment with the corresponding submissions from other translators.
    • When the review is completed, the reviewer will be asked to if (s)he considers the sample to be the work of a “professional” translator? and and some notes on his/her overall opinion, stylistic issues, etc.
    • Once one or more reviewer have submitted their evaluation, an administrator will open the page corresponding to the test and set the approval status as either approved or rejected.
    • Once the approval status has been set by an administrator, reviewers can no longer review a test (they get a message "This text was already reviewed. Please select another text from the list.")
    5.3 - Approval/rejection of translators
    • In order to be available for interaction and have access to the jobs posted in the TWB system, a translator with at least an approved test translation must be accepted by an administrator.
    • Administrators can also manually add pre-approved translators.
    • A translator can be rejected by an administrator both in the evaluation phase or later.
    • Translators will receive no automatic notification when they are accepted or declined.

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