How to convert a TM to TMX in Wordfast

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I would like to export a Wordfast TM to TMX format.

Several options:

1) TM Editor

Having the good active TM under Word, just open it with the TM Editor. Then click the Tools button and select Export TM as TMX from the Special filters drop down menu.

Validate the exported TMX file before delivering, as it may contain invalid characters. Use TMXValidator to check and fix your file. You can get it from

2) Wf2Tmx

An alternative to the Wordfast TM editor. Easy to install and use.

You can download it from the above link... scroll way down, it's almost at the bottom.

3) Olifant

Great 3rd party (free) software. Basically, open your text memory, click on "File > Export" and then select the appropriate format from the list. It's also great for converting TMX memories into Wordfast txt format.

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