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Good practices guidelines for clients - project proposal


I am proposing a joint project in order to draw up guidelines for clients submitting work to translators.

There are so many things that are often wrong or difficult with the source text that may lead to errors and loss of time for all concerned.

To list just a few

Poor grammar

Phrases used creatively in between "" but where the creative meaning is not explained or clear.

Almost identical source units (that could/should be identical)

The use of abbreviations and acronyms without a reference to what they stand for.

Overtagging (especially where two or more tags may appear in a number of words that are together in the source language but may well not be in the target language)

These are just a few problems amongst many

The idea is to draw up a list of all the problems translators encounter and to provide clients with a document, hopefully in their native language and maybe with examples also in their native language, to illustrate the problems and to convince them that any effort they put in to eliminate such problems at their end pays in the long run in the form of better translations and perhaps even cheaper rates (if I may dare say so)

Would any members be interested in working on such a project?



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