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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Sep 11 '06 eng>eng higher degree M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) easy closed no
- Jul 26 '06 eng>eng limited government access government's closed policies easy closed ok
- Mar 2 '06 eng>eng why do they say "it" for the "weather" Inanimated things such as weather is expressed by "it" easy closed no
- Nov 24 '05 eng>eng our objective is to help your business tap the overseas market like no other. We are peerless; we are the best easy closed no
- Oct 2 '05 eng>eng Gallery of the Maps It is not Raffaello who painted the frescos called "Gallery of the Maps" easy closed no
- Sep 15 '05 eng>eng guided imagery Relaxation technique using your own power of imagination easy closed no
- Jun 8 '05 eng>eng hold fire on keep from telling something easy closed no
- Jun 7 '05 eng>eng coopted to be absorbed. to be assimilated easy closed ok
- Apr 27 '05 eng>eng make (a car) car manufacturer's name easy closed ok
4 Feb 4 '05 eng>eng out of its own wilderness Wild frontier easy closed ok
4 Jan 30 '05 eng>eng 4 x 5 cm No, because it is only a receipe easy closed ok
- Jan 22 '05 eng>eng whirlpool Hot bath easy closed no
- Jan 8 '05 eng>eng small sentence Shine up your resume easy closed ok
- Dec 29 '04 eng>eng snake plants See the link easy closed no
- Dec 9 '04 eng>eng japanese Western-style hotel with Japanese amenities such as Jacuzzi easy closed ok
4 Dec 7 '04 eng>eng phoebe the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one easy closed ok
- Nov 1 '04 eng>eng stereotype Two different ideas easy closed no
- Oct 25 '04 eng>eng print As though printed easy closed no
- Oct 24 '04 eng>eng regional forums and reviews Reprensentation of regional culture/sentiment easy closed ok
- Oct 12 '04 eng>eng if you will if you wish to put it that way easy closed no
- Oct 10 '04 eng>eng grassroot level the most basic level easy closed no
- Aug 22 '04 eng>eng idiom It is easier to stay out than get out. easy closed ok
- Aug 16 '04 eng>eng tough Beyond imagination easy closed no
- Aug 6 '04 eng>eng leave the impression the sky was going to fall As though a disaster was going to happen easy closed no
- Jul 29 '04 eng>eng sparsely furnished Furnished but minimum easy closed no
- Jul 22 '04 eng>eng May I massage you? How about some massages? I'll do it for you free of charge. easy just_closed no
- Jun 30 '04 eng>eng "Lady" Doctor Lady doctor, woman doctor, female doctor easy closed no
- Jun 10 '04 eng>eng I'm totally impressed & that's impressive Both are same easy closed no
- Jun 2 '04 eng>eng attend Monitor the system and take action easy closed ok
- May 26 '04 eng>eng milkroot Milk thistle? easy closed no
- May 20 '04 eng>eng jewelry with working parts Parts that require special attention easy closed ok
- May 13 '04 eng>eng star "Man", like "No way, man!" or "Give me a breadk, man!" easy closed ok
- May 4 '04 eng>eng feared,sick See explanation below easy closed ok
- Mar 19 '04 eng>eng a held breath quiet, still, silent easy closed no
- Mar 17 '04 eng>eng weight-bearing exercise Exercise against gravity easy closed ok
- Mar 16 '04 eng>eng leading edge partnerships most advanced or sophisticated partnership easy closed ok
- Mar 11 '04 eng>eng opressed constrained easy closed ok
- Mar 5 '04 eng>eng high and dry ‚P easy closed ok
- Mar 1 '04 eng>eng Tan Joo-Seng Singaporean, Professor of Management, Ph.D Both Professor and Dr. easy closed no
- Feb 29 '04 eng>eng the sales are made in hot months the sales are made in hot season easy closed no
- Feb 25 '04 eng>eng The easy affections of a boy will be nothing compared to the love of a true man. Puppy love as opposed to adult love easy closed ok
- Feb 21 '04 eng>eng Most guys find stripper the perfect antidote to an actual girlfriend substitute easy closed ok
- Feb 13 '04 eng>eng come through satisfied the need easy closed no
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