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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jul 17 '11 eng>jpn the spirits (of the dead) Spirit(s) of foods easy closed ok
4 Nov 3 '04 eng>jpn the meek shall inherit the earth 柔和 easy closed ok
- Sep 6 '04 eng>jpn blessed Shukufuku sareta 祝福された easy closed no
- Jul 13 '04 eng>jpn I invoke Buddha's blessing 御仏のお情けを (Mi-Hotoke no O Nasake Wo) which literally means "My Lord Budda, please give me thy m easy open no
3 Jun 23 '04 eng>jpn Jesus is Lord イエスこそ我が主 easy closed no
3 May 16 '04 eng>jpn witch ヒ篆 easy closed no
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