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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Feb 8 '11 jpn>eng 考え方の強まり growing trend OR gaining popularity easy closed no
- Jul 26 '06 eng>eng limited government access government's closed policies easy closed ok
- Aug 8 '05 eng>jpn New Shin-kyuu (新旧) easy closed no
- Mar 3 '05 jpn>eng 分かるような、分からないように Unclear, quite puzzling, doesn' t make much sense to me easy closed ok
- Nov 7 '04 jpn>eng 俺はいかん。 I'm not good. easy closed no
4 Oct 24 '04 eng>jpn Sweet dreams, miss Watashi no daiji na hito, suteki na yume ga anata wo otozuremasu youni. easy closed no
4 Oct 18 '04 eng>jpn to vent one's anger 怒りを爆発させる、怒りを発散させる、怒りをぶちまける easy closed ok
4 Sep 7 '04 eng>jpn I can't tell you how much this letter is to me! See explanation easy closed ok
- Aug 28 '04 eng>jpn War 戦争(senso)、戦闘 (sento)、交戦 (kosen) easy closed ok
- Jul 13 '04 eng>jpn I invoke Buddha's blessing 御仏のお情けを (Mi-Hotoke no O Nasake Wo) which literally means "My Lord Budda, please give me thy m easy open no
- Jun 5 '04 eng>jpn Opened the map; the road is blocked; I don't know what to do 説明を読んでね easy open no
- May 28 '04 eng>jpn girlfriend ガールフレンド easy closed no
- May 14 '04 eng>jpn earth ツ酖マ (daichi) easy open no
- Apr 12 '04 eng>jpn Exploring the aftermath of Pearl Harbor. 真珠湾攻撃後の惨状を見る easy closed no
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