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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Aug 15 '09 eng>jpn to an employee 従業員に対する(強盗行為) easy closed ok
- Oct 19 '05 jpn>eng Ariki There was an organization. easy closed no
4 Jan 14 '05 eng>jpn phrase from french to japanese See explanation below easy closed no
- Dec 9 '04 eng>eng japanese Western-style hotel with Japanese amenities such as Jacuzzi easy closed ok
4 Nov 3 '04 eng>jpn the meek shall inherit the earth 柔和 easy closed ok
- Jul 22 '04 eng>eng May I massage you? How about some massages? I'll do it for you free of charge. easy just_closed no
- Jul 6 '04 eng>jpn Trade Lead 仕事(商売)の見込み(客)(先) easy closed ok
- Mar 1 '04 eng>eng Tan Joo-Seng Singaporean, Professor of Management, Ph.D Both Professor and Dr. easy closed no
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