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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Mar 25 '08 eng>por ose what little income they could expect perdem até mesmo os poucos ganhos que (eles) poderiam esperar pro closed ok
- Dec 8 '07 eng>por Markers estabelecemos nossos parâmetros pro just_closed no
4 Jun 2 '07 eng>por We're the dreamer of dreams and the movers and shakers somos... pro closed ok
- Apr 12 '07 por>eng O nome dela é Clara mas o nome de guerra dela é Sharon. code name, fantasy name, alias pro closed ok
- Nov 24 '06 por>eng Ela canta todas as mulheres, inclusive me deu a maior cantada. He makes a move on every woman. He has hit on me/harassed me (already)! pro closed ok
4 Nov 3 '06 por>eng fica tudo alinhavado we can leave everything/it all set up/arranged pro closed ok
- Sep 18 '06 por>eng ter curso take place pro closed ok
- Aug 19 '06 por>eng derrubaram they aborted pro closed ok
- Aug 18 '06 por>eng Que ninguém encontra, some. That no one can find/finds (him), (he) vanishes. pro closed ok
- Aug 18 '06 por>eng cabôco bloke pro closed ok
- Aug 18 '06 por>eng Vai mandar, não. Se você não for, eu vou. Are you going to (send) or not? If you are not going, I am. pro closed ok
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