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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Mar 27 eng>eng Landlord is the fee owner of certain real property being the landlord is the owner in fee simple pro closed ok
4 Mar 5 eng>eng case is called When it is announced that your case is the next one to be heard pro closed ok
- Mar 4 eng>eng within the meaning and intent of both the strict literal meaning of the wording and the lawmakers' intent pro closed no
4 Feb 29 eng>eng settlement or award voluntary payment or payment imposed by a court or tribunal pro closed ok
- Feb 3 eng>eng Do not face weld. Do not weld the exposed faces only pro just_closed no
4 Jan 31 eng>eng Get user to activate make the user activate / tell the user to activate pro closed ok
4 Jan 25 eng>eng fill on the tongue full on the tongue pro closed ok
- Jan 20 eng>eng building trust with someone building trust between the people concerned pro closed no
- Jan 17 eng>eng Dream Vacation sweepstakes Dream Vacation sweepstake pro closed no
- Nov 18 '19 eng>eng without condensate Storage humidity: maximimum 80% relative humidity pro closed ok
4 Oct 21 '19 eng>eng feel safe and protected unthreatened vs protected from a threat pro closed ok
4 Sep 9 '19 eng>eng Stop press Latest! pro closed ok
4 Aug 31 '19 eng>eng natural guardian The person who would automatically be assumed to be the child's guardian pro closed ok
4 Aug 29 '19 eng>eng to research something from something independent research using pro closed ok
4 Aug 29 '19 eng>eng I thing it's..... I think it's Frobisher's Great Northern Doomsday Owl pro closed no
4 Aug 23 '19 eng>eng all grains I shouldn't wonder, sweepings off the floor, if it's tea at all pro closed no
4 Aug 19 '19 eng>eng pucker to find it so sour your mouth puckers up pro closed ok
4 Jul 13 '19 eng>eng deduction to for subsequent deduction of pro closed ok
- May 20 '19 eng>eng then-available the stock available to them even when that is less than ... pro closed no
4 May 13 '19 eng>eng would The doubt is about the causal link or mechanism involved pro closed ok
- May 1 '19 eng>eng bridge cutting gantry cutting machine pro closed no
- Mar 6 '19 eng>eng horlock horse witchery pro closed no
4 Jan 21 '19 eng>eng sacred sentiment of conscious innocence that might redeem it a blessed feeling of knowing herself to be innocent ... pro closed ok
- Jan 3 '19 eng>eng A new sense of being real and alive a feeling and experience of ... that is different and more intense than any previous experience pro closed no
- Nov 28 '18 eng>eng How to express this concept in English? Alternate pouring of odd and even concrete piles pro closed no
3 Nov 13 '18 eng>eng trapped in the ruins themselves. trapped in the very ruins pro closed ok
- Nov 8 '18 eng>eng None of these ideas are the stuff of great geopolitical doctrines These aren't mega-concepts needing to be incorporated in major geopolitical doctrines pro closed ok
- Oct 23 '18 eng>eng sheared sleeves shirt sleeves pro closed no
- Oct 22 '18 eng>eng ballast stuff to sell to supplement their pay pro closed no
- Oct 15 '18 eng>eng to obtain charges to obtain fees, penalties, royalties etc. pro closed ok
- Oct 1 '18 eng>eng running 40 gear gear for running 40 km/miles pro closed ok
- Oct 2 '18 eng>eng Children's nickname for dentists The toothy-peg fixer pro closed no
4 Sep 20 '18 eng>eng service off service office pro closed no
- Aug 30 '18 eng>eng option elective course unit pro closed no
- Aug 21 '18 eng>eng complete physical description complete physical description pro closed no
4 Aug 13 '18 eng>eng one-family home/two-family home single-dwelling/two-dwelling building pro closed ok
- Jun 26 '18 eng>eng privileging special cases of sin prioritising the combatting of particular instances of sin pro closed ok
4 May 17 '18 eng>eng ...test must have been performed within 5 years. ... test must have been performed within the last/previous 5 years (?) pro closed ok
4 Mar 28 '18 eng>eng you live balance balance etc. are absolutely integral to how you live pro closed ok
4 Mar 16 '18 eng>eng clocks clocks pro closed ok
- Feb 15 '18 eng>eng a life of rich relational connections ... relational connections that are profound and of high quality pro closed no
4 Feb 13 '18 eng>eng bone-jarring smile a smile so exaggerated it almost breaks his jaw pro closed ok
4 Feb 14 '18 eng>eng as for a debt of my own as though this were my own, personal, debt pro closed ok
4 Jan 29 '18 eng>eng would have a logical certainty pro closed ok
4 Jan 22 '18 eng>eng Second Job second role/function/task pro closed ok
- Dec 13 '17 eng>eng incurred in pursuit of income (profit) No pro just_closed no
- Dec 13 '17 eng>eng diary pages pages for the reader to make diary notes pro closed no
- Nov 9 '17 eng>eng become a bar an authority pro closed ok
- Aug 26 '17 eng>eng hipster hipster pro just_closed no
4 Aug 6 '17 eng>eng kept a loaf or two ahead of capitalism managed to make ends meet / weren't starving pro closed ok
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