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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Feb 19 fra>eng carte obligée One map that's essential pro closed ok
- Oct 31 '19 fra>eng le savoir créer creative knowledge pro closed no
- Mar 6 '19 eng>eng horlock horse witchery pro closed no
4 Jan 21 '19 eng>eng sacred sentiment of conscious innocence that might redeem it a blessed feeling of knowing herself to be innocent ... pro closed ok
- Dec 4 '18 fra>eng “devenir nègre” becoming Black pro closed ok
- Jul 7 '18 fra>eng un porte-regard an observer pro closed ok
4 Feb 13 '18 eng>eng bone-jarring smile a smile so exaggerated it almost breaks his jaw pro closed ok
- Nov 9 '17 eng>eng become a bar an authority pro closed ok
- Sep 14 '17 eng>fra despair swirl inside me je ressens un cyclone de désespoir et de peur pro just_closed no
- Jul 29 '17 fra>eng Nom d’une mouche en jupette What a ninny! pro closed no
4 Jun 7 '17 eng>eng a structural necessity for sub-groups sub-groups are necessary to maintain the social structure pro closed ok
- Jun 6 '17 eng>eng carved cut strongly delineated, distinctive excavation pro closed ok
- Mar 20 '17 fra>eng petit calisse de malade mental (stupid) little fuckwit pro closed no
4 Mar 2 '17 eng>eng primito leader/chief pro closed no
- Dec 14 '16 fra>eng livre-objet (here) limited edition pro just_closed no
- Nov 23 '16 fra>eng Le ventre est encore fécond, d'où a surgi la bête immonde Again swells the womb from whence the foul beast crawled pro closed no
4 Apr 3 '16 fra>eng sang de l'esprit blood and spirit pro closed ok
4 Mar 29 '16 eng>eng dabbled with white froth spattered with white sweat (lather) pro closed ok
- Mar 17 '16 eng>eng commend to your attention recommend that you have a look at pro closed no
4 Mar 8 '16 eng>eng burdened by previous suffering inhibitions due to previous failed attempts pro closed ok
- Oct 2 '15 fra>eng Si la vue détaille, le nez défaille, Though the sight leads him on, by the scent he's undone pro closed ok
4 Oct 2 '15 eng>eng Bark Room room for storing bark pro closed ok
- Jul 22 '15 eng>eng bibliograf(ter) A disreputable sort of bibliographer pro closed ok
- May 15 '15 eng>eng upholstered silence of the lift See explanation below pro closed no
- Apr 22 '15 eng>eng make it work for you give you a good return on your (dollar) investment pro closed ok
- Apr 20 '15 eng>eng absently graced displaying though unwatched pro closed ok
- Dec 10 '14 eng>fra Quirky quips mots d'esprit inventifs pro closed no
- Oct 22 '14 eng>eng Weasels slimeball rats pro closed ok
4 May 15 '14 fra>eng Sauve qui peut The devil take the hindmost pro closed ok
4 Apr 16 '14 eng>eng Penny though! It's tuppence even suicide is too expensive pro closed ok
- Apr 15 '14 eng>eng Great descend when important people visit places below their station pro closed no
4 Jan 20 '14 eng>eng trope uses the encompassing sands as a metaphor pro closed ok
- Oct 9 '13 eng>eng carpet bar bike shed pro closed no
4 Oct 8 '13 fra>eng les jeux sont faits; rien ne va plus they had committed themselves pro closed no
- Jul 3 '13 fra>eng suspendus aux chances on tenterhooks over the fate pro closed ok
- Jun 8 '13 fra>eng Ce n'est pas une eau que l'ombre He was in the shade of something other than water pro closed ok
4 Jun 9 '13 fra>eng toutes les heures tournent all time is twisted pro closed no
- May 28 '13 fra>eng salut d'épaule changed the hand with which he reached for his salvation pro closed no
- May 21 '13 fra>eng Le bras dirige The arm controls pro closed no
- May 21 '13 fra>eng Sur notre plateau On our floor pro closed no
- May 21 '13 fra>eng Le travail se conjugue en un No conjugating at work! pro closed ok
4 May 21 '13 fra>eng Gifle sonore sur ton nez Resounding slap on your face pro closed ok
4 Jan 9 '13 eng>eng kept up kept up appearances pro closed ok
- Dec 25 '12 eng>eng bed in common are promiscuous pro closed no
- Dec 23 '12 eng>eng spans a number of horses harnessed abreast pro closed ok
4 Dec 24 '12 eng>eng reckoning calculation of the date pro closed ok
- Nov 12 '12 eng>eng sail beyond something to sail further than X pro closed no
- Oct 15 '12 fra>eng Le Sacrement leur a servi d'oreiller. The effect of their marriage had been soporific pro closed no
4 Aug 29 '12 eng>eng send out a check with the prospect of receiving to issue a cheque without yet having covering funds in the bank account pro closed ok
4 Jul 25 '12 eng>eng purifying all discordant elements remove all that is not harmonious pro closed no
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