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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 May 13 '19 eng>eng would The doubt is about the causal link or mechanism involved pro closed ok
- Aug 28 '18 fra>eng responsabilité patrimoniale stewardship of the linguistic heritage pro closed ok
4 Mar 28 '18 eng>eng you live balance balance etc. are absolutely integral to how you live pro closed ok
- Feb 15 '18 eng>eng a life of rich relational connections ... relational connections that are profound and of high quality pro closed no
- Oct 17 '16 fra>eng Le con d'un autre [You're always] somebody's fool pro closed no
- Jan 20 '16 eng>fra WALKAWAY OF EXERCISE – points à dégager de l'exercise pro closed no
4 Sep 2 '15 eng>eng ..and it’s up to XYZ whether or not their ideas _will be_ a success. A quote or not a quote? pro closed no
- Mar 9 '15 eng>eng circumstantial resonance depth afforded by depicting specific circumstances pro closed no
4 Mar 9 '15 eng>eng marginal illumination shedding (a small amount of) light on the edges of the subject pro closed ok
4 Feb 13 '15 eng>eng the sentence between ؟؟؟???T He took advantage of his appearance ... pro closed no
- Feb 1 '15 eng>eng is dispossessed of to has no ... about pro closed ok
- Dec 21 '14 eng>eng more than inciting to emulation... we are not incited to emulate (but are heartened, which is greater) pro closed ok
4 Dec 18 '14 eng>fra Rethinking réévaluation pro closed ok
- Apr 26 '14 eng>eng coupled with It depends pro closed no
- Sep 20 '13 eng>eng contingent feature a feature incidental to pro closed ok
4 Sep 9 '13 eng>eng democratic/knowledge=capacity? democracy/knowledge hypothesis pro closed no
4 May 21 '13 eng>eng subjects "They" are the "warships" but ... pro closed no
- Apr 1 '13 eng>eng frame structural frame pro closed ok
NP Dec 28 '12 eng>eng Russia's Putin lazy, but not necessarily disrespectful pro closed ok
- Jun 20 '12 eng>eng appearance as small and insignificant though they might seem small and insignificant pro closed no
4 Apr 12 '12 eng>eng I need some help in correcting mistakes Suggested rewrite pro closed no
- Oct 4 '11 fra>eng nourrir will nurture / will be grist to the mill of pro closed ok
- Feb 7 '11 eng>eng CTI CTI pro open no
- Feb 1 '11 eng>eng blunt accent straightforward, without pretension pro closed no
- Aug 31 '10 eng>eng transliteration lily-potter for helicopter pro closed no
- May 13 '10 eng>eng Works Thumper Racing a misunderstanding pro closed no
4 Mar 22 '10 eng>eng The Joe Schmoe High School or Joe Schmoe High School Either pro closed no
- Mar 13 '10 fra>eng faire corps dans lend (concrete) support pro closed ok
4 Feb 21 '10 fra>eng inventaire raisonné detailed inventory pro closed ok
4 Apr 13 '09 eng>eng to take under stronger consideration to take more seriously into consideration/to consider more closely pro closed no
- Jun 21 '06 fra>eng mise en perspective with a sense of context pro closed ok
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