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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Sep 12 '18 eng>eng inversion or not after "nor" First is awkward - second is wrong easy closed no
4 Mar 29 '16 eng>eng Past Perfect with Before ... before all the sales staff had arrived easy closed ok
- Mar 8 '16 eng>eng Problem with tense No problem easy closed ok
NP Feb 26 '15 fra>eng glottopolitique glottopolitics easy closed ok
NP Feb 25 '15 fra>eng glossopolitique linguistic policy/legislation easy just_closed no
4 May 16 '14 eng>eng alarm sounds the alarm easy closed ok
- May 25 '12 eng>eng his happiness brought out a wild glee that tumbled out of his mouth like can unrestrained expression of that happiness easy closed ok
4 Apr 5 '12 eng>eng not once never / not even once easy closed ok
4 Mar 1 '12 eng>eng some/any in complex negative sentences It depends easy closed ok
- Feb 21 '12 eng>eng If you had seen the pitiful state in which they were If you had seen the pitiful state they were in easy closed no
- Sep 5 '10 eng>eng in the summer holidays correct, but not in this instance easy closed ok
4 Dec 5 '09 eng>eng question about hyphens not just the hyphens easy closed no
- Feb 6 '09 eng>eng mess made itself! You and I both know you did it easy closed ok
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