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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Sep 23 '19 eng>fra For due and valuable consideration moyennant une contrepartie de valeur pro closed no
4 Aug 18 '18 fra>eng en marque grise grey (UK)/gray (US) label pro closed ok
4 Mar 30 '18 eng>fra SuperSilk tm SuperSilk™ pro closed ok
4 Jan 29 '18 eng>eng would have a logical certainty pro closed ok
- Nov 17 '16 fra>eng leur marché procédural their choice of where to institute proceedings pro closed ok
- May 9 '15 fra>eng exclusivité d’exploitation exclusive operating rights pro closed ok
- Jan 5 '15 fra>eng adossement à distance marginal supplementary and very close to pro just_closed no
- Jan 2 '15 fra>eng déroulement des moyens to set out the grounds pro closed no
4 Jun 20 '12 fra>eng droit de reprise gratuite option to take over at no cost pro closed ok
- Jan 30 '12 fra>eng en s’inspirant librement d’une œuvre "while freely drawing inspiration from a work " pro closed no
- May 26 '11 fra>eng isolément as a detail pro closed ok
4 Aug 26 '10 fra>eng brevet prioritaire Priority Patent Application pro closed ok
4 Apr 8 '10 fra>eng dans un champ assez reduit within a fairly narrow field pro closed ok
NP Mar 18 '09 fra>eng dérive en phase précontentieuse if things go wrong, in the pre-litigation stage pro closed ok
- Dec 18 '08 fra>eng Si force est donné au titre (even) if title/ownership is recognised pro closed ok
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