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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Mar 4 fra>eng niveau de délégation high degree of delegation pro closed ok
4 Feb 29 eng>eng settlement or award voluntary payment or payment imposed by a court or tribunal pro closed ok
4 Jul 31 '18 fra>eng *délégatire de gestion* en assurance santé management services providers pro closed ok
4 Nov 29 '17 eng>fra no claim accumulated coefficient de bonus-malus (global) pro closed ok
4 May 11 '17 fra>eng Garantie non conformité Cover for non-compliance pro closed ok
4 May 11 '17 fra>eng libre exercice free to have recourse pro closed ok
1 Apr 5 '17 eng>eng absence with(?) xxx of yyy Not just the preposition that's wrong! pro closed ok
4 Dec 1 '16 eng>eng Residual employers' liability Employers' liability remaining after other sources of cover are exhausted pro closed ok
4 Nov 9 '16 fra>eng Médecin agréé State-approved doctor pro closed ok
4 Sep 6 '16 fra>eng sous son couvert under his/her/their responsibility pro closed ok
- Jul 20 '16 fra>eng assurés en compte courant covered/insured as unspecified items pro closed ok
- Mar 29 '16 eng>fra advanced insurance assurance sophistiqué pro closed ok
4 Jun 10 '15 fra>eng régime des salariés indépendants self-employed social insurance scheme pro closed ok
4 Apr 2 '15 fra>eng massif solid construction pro closed no
- Mar 11 '15 fra>eng clause de non recours hold harmless clause pro closed ok
4 Jan 27 '15 fra>eng sous réserve de responsabilité, de garantie et de prise en charge subject to liability, warranty and acceptance pro closed ok
- Oct 28 '14 fra>eng insistance urgent demands pro closed no
- Apr 7 '14 fra>eng indemnité d'assurance garantissant les risques de catastrophe naturelle payment/settlement of a claim under insurance cover for natural disasters pro closed ok
4 Jul 27 '13 fra>eng convention spéciale v conditions particulières policy option vs special conditions pro closed ok
- Jun 9 '13 fra>eng principe réparatoire repair basis pro closed no
- Jun 9 '13 fra>eng principe de réfection [on a] basis of reconstruction pro closed no
- Nov 19 '12 fra>eng acquise (as) given pro closed ok
- Aug 7 '12 fra>eng deux roues en sécurité Two wheels with peace of mind pro closed ok
- Jul 26 '12 fra>eng dommages immatériels vs dommages indirects any financial or economic loss vs indirect or consequential loss/damage pro open no
4 Jul 20 '12 fra>eng ramenées sur une base mensuelle expressed on a monthly basis pro closed no
4 Jun 7 '12 fra>eng à la charge du promoteur the responsibility of the sponsor/developer pro closed ok
- Dec 10 '11 fra>eng garantie police unique décennale de chantier 10-year combined warranty for the site pro closed ok
4 Dec 10 '11 fra>eng "travaux réservés" optional works pro closed ok
4 Dec 10 '11 fra>eng adaptation au sol suitability for site and ground conditions pro closed ok
- Oct 29 '11 fra>eng l'exercice de survenance des sinistres the year in which incidents giving rise to claims occurred pro closed ok
- May 20 '11 fra>eng Recherche en responsabilité Seek redress against pro closed ok
4 Mar 25 '11 fra>eng non suivies de réalisation not subsequently completed pro closed ok
4 Feb 9 '11 fra>eng Garantie Responsabilité Civile - Habitation Civil liability cover - Home insurance pro closed ok
- Sep 7 '10 fra>eng tenu maintain (cover) pro closed no
- Sep 6 '10 fra>eng ligne technique technical help-line pro just_closed no
4 May 7 '10 fra>eng reprise sur héritage lien/charge on the estate pro closed ok
- May 4 '10 fra>eng dans tous ses éléments Your building and all its facilities pro closed ok
- Apr 16 '10 fra>eng titre d'avis point/item of information pro closed ok
- Apr 9 '10 fra>eng Garanties de prévoyance guaranteed benefits pro closed no
- Jan 7 '10 fra>eng marchés naturels obvious markets pro closed ok
4 Dec 8 '09 fra>eng rang Word not needed in English pro closed no
- Dec 1 '09 fra>eng dégâts de passage damage associated with rights-of-way pro just_closed no
4 May 31 '09 fra>eng Qualification par 'pointage' points qualification system pro closed ok
- Apr 6 '09 fra>eng aménagements facilities pro closed no
- Feb 13 '09 fra>eng expertise amiable et contradictoire joint expert assessment pro closed ok
4 Aug 25 '08 fra>eng chomage des biens assurés the insured goods being (rendered) unusable pro closed ok
4 Jul 25 '08 fra>eng acte de construire building/construction contract pro closed ok
- Jan 30 '08 fra>eng "La franchise ne vient pas en déduction du montant de garantie applicable." The excess is not deducted from the relevant insured amount pro open no
- Jan 19 '08 fra>eng schémas de couverture des risques risk management strategies pro closed ok
4 Dec 30 '06 fra>eng gene dans les actes de la vie courante impaired ability to carry out everyday tasks pro closed no
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