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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Mar 23 eng>eng walking legs moving his legs in a way that looks like walking easy closed ok
4 Jan 23 fra>eng Production d'un résultat erroné Producing an erroneous result / An erroneous result being produced easy closed ok
4 Oct 20 '19 fra>eng Passez! Adieu! Allez vous-en! Leave! Farewell! Begone! easy closed ok
4 Aug 29 '19 eng>eng domiciled officially and intentionally resident at - for the purpose of serving legal documents easy closed ok
4 Aug 27 '19 eng>eng to go down the front straightaway driving along the straight in front of the stands easy closed ok
- Aug 21 '19 fra>eng sortir (this instance) take (her) off this job/project easy closed no
- Aug 19 '19 eng>eng Pride-ish life an old banger easy closed no
4 Apr 17 '19 eng>eng so that so that / in order that easy closed ok
- Mar 12 '19 fra>eng donner des cours aux arts et à l'industrie Technical and industrial applications of chemistry easy just_closed no
- Mar 13 '19 eng>eng space women are not restricted ... not being restricted easy closed ok
4 Mar 5 '19 eng>eng Look at considering how or whether to do something easy closed ok
4 Jan 5 '19 fra>eng Il me semble très mal en point He looks to me like he's in a really bad way easy closed ok
- Jan 4 '19 fra>eng des poubelles proches des sièges et plus grandes rubbish bins by the seats and bigger ones easy closed no
- Dec 7 '18 eng>fra en-US anglais (États-Unis) easy closed ok
- Dec 6 '18 eng>fra Isolated lunch bag sac repas / à déjeuner isotherme easy open no
4 Sep 9 '18 eng>eng Create a new exercise activity A new activity involving exercise easy closed ok
- Sep 6 '18 fra>eng je prends / je laisse I'll speak now / That's it easy closed ok
- Aug 29 '18 eng>eng Funkmaster funkmaster easy just_closed no
2 Apr 12 '18 fra>eng l'intéressé a pu s'alimenter the subject was able to eat easy closed ok
4 Mar 18 '18 fra>eng puits d’eau fraîche fresh/new blood easy closed ok
- Feb 21 '18 fra>eng été escorte taken in charge easy just_closed no
4 May 27 '17 eng>eng our culture and communication style our communication style and culture easy closed no
- Apr 11 '17 fra>eng Il n’y a guère que la Suisse qui fasse mieux There's practically only Switzerland that does better easy closed ok
- Dec 26 '16 fra>eng Paysans mutins Farmers rebel (to farm for the future) easy closed no
4 Nov 30 '16 fra>eng prendre à emporter take away easy closed ok
- Nov 8 '16 fra>eng Lots disparates mixed groups of items easy closed no
4 Oct 16 '16 eng>eng flooding unwanted (in this case) water ingress to an area easy closed ok
- Oct 12 '16 eng>eng Comapare to by comparison with / as compared with easy closed no
- Oct 7 '16 fra>eng dans la plage d'expectation logique within the rationally expected range easy closed no
- Jun 7 '16 fra>eng faire un écart failure to follow procedures easy closed no
4 May 12 '16 fra>eng en débordant de chaque côté overlapping on each side easy closed ok
- Apr 22 '16 eng>eng clean business card business card with no handwriting, scribbles or stains easy closed ok
- Feb 10 '16 fra>eng à chacun Each person/everyone [has] easy closed ok
- Dec 29 '15 fra>eng saga hôtelière a hotel industry story easy closed ok
- Dec 2 '15 fra>eng par précaution as a backup / backed up by / for security easy just_closed no
- Nov 6 '15 eng>eng through via/by way of -> because of easy closed no
4 Nov 5 '15 fra>eng Jouer au dandy Play the dandy easy closed ok
- Oct 2 '15 eng>eng drumbeat shared rhythm / keeping in step easy closed ok
4 Sep 29 '15 eng>fra Bony tail cul osseux easy closed ok
4 Aug 31 '15 eng>eng Lazy house the Lacey house easy closed no
4 Aug 17 '15 fra>eng de 5 en 5 ans from one five-year period to the next easy closed ok
- Aug 16 '15 fra>eng le compagnon de cordée trusted partner easy closed ok
- Aug 4 '15 fra>eng lisse (pour un être humain) self-effacing easy closed ok
4 Jul 15 '15 eng>eng sourly angry resentfully or peevishly angry easy closed no
- Jul 9 '15 eng>fra Thank yourself Remerciez-vous vous-même easy closed ok
- Jul 5 '15 eng>eng above (the Regency luxe) Contrast between squalid attic room and the luxurious Regency decor below easy closed ok
4 Jul 1 '15 eng>eng the date of Kew Green acquisition The date the company Kew Green acquired the hotel easy closed no
4 May 31 '15 fra>eng dont (le droit) se nourrit which (the law) draws upon / upon which the law draws easy closed ok
- Apr 30 '15 fra>eng J'étais pas une lumière I didn't exactly shine easy closed ok
- Apr 10 '15 eng>eng ask the way ask the way / ask for directions easy closed ok
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