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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Aug 22 '19 eng>eng But you must.... a good breakfast. but you must try and eat a good breakfast easy closed no
- Apr 9 '15 eng>eng bra money A woman's loose change in inflationary times easy closed ok
- Mar 28 '15 fra>eng Faire son cinéma play to the cameras easy closed ok
- Feb 16 '15 fra>eng appariements matching up things and people easy closed no
- Apr 12 '11 eng>eng Soundtracks and performance on DVD Movie soundtracks DVDs - Other performances DVDs easy closed no
4 Jan 24 '09 fra>eng sont à l'honneur take pride of place easy closed ok
4 Jun 15 '08 fra>eng onnent leur juste poids give their due weight easy closed ok
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