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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Oct 20 '19 eng>fra shushing dire "chut" pro closed ok
4 Oct 20 '19 eng>fra Pacing-for-Privilege adoption du rythme des privilégiés pro closed ok
- Jul 3 '17 eng>fra features executive rédacteur en chef des grands reportages pro closed no
4 Jun 6 '16 fra>eng Le magazine se lira dans les deux sens The magazine can be read from either end pro closed ok
4 Dec 9 '15 fra>eng séancier council or parliamentary meetings reporter pro closed ok
4 May 27 '15 eng>eng expectations from/for/on/of of or for pro closed ok
4 May 14 '14 eng>eng nuts-and-bolts work of figuring out the nature basic work required as a framework for everything else pro closed ok
- May 17 '13 fra>eng aïeux their oldest generation pro closed ok
- Dec 6 '12 fra>eng ‘Basses Chroniques des Hauts de France’ Low-Life at the Top pro closed no
- Nov 20 '12 fra>eng avancer ses pions en coulisses to quietly build up his position pro closed ok
4 Sep 13 '10 eng>eng influential network news divisions influential news sections of broadcasting companies pro closed ok
4 Sep 8 '10 fra>eng Le roi de la notule King of concision pro closed no
- Jun 25 '10 fra>eng témoignage From the horse's mouth pro closed no
- May 24 '10 eng>eng proxy business rival rival in provision of business services by acting as proxy pro closed ok
- Oct 1 '09 fra>eng grille rédactionnelle editorial layout pro just_closed no
- Apr 2 '09 fra>eng chute end/denouement pro closed ok
- Oct 1 '08 fra>eng Postuler l'existence de quelque chose To predict the existence of something pro closed no
- Sep 1 '08 fra>eng "Précurseurs en la matière" This began with .../ This all started with ... pro closed no
- Apr 17 '08 fra>eng de même que la stigmatisation... as well as the discrediting/shaming pro closed no
- Jun 27 '06 fra>eng piste de terre unmetalled road pro closed ok
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