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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Dec 3 '13 fra>eng faites un peu de bric, de brac et de broc whatever came to hand easy closed ok
- Dec 21 '11 fra>eng de la personnalité à revendre a live wire easy closed ok
4 Dec 16 '11 fra>eng montrer patte blanche to show that they belong easy closed ok
- Feb 8 '11 fra>eng mort de sa propre mort died in his own way easy closed ok
NP Mar 7 '10 eng>eng Two idioms both still used easy closed no
4 Dec 14 '09 fra>eng tomber dans son escarcelle will pocket ... easy closed ok
- Mar 31 '09 fra>eng J'ai froid au coeur I feel gutted easy closed ok
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