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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Mar 22 fra>eng hôtellerie de plein air open air hotels / hotel industry/provision pro closed ok
4 Aug 6 '19 fra>eng cani-raquettes snowshoeing with dogs pro closed ok
- Aug 23 '18 eng>fra show cook chef proposant une démonstration culinaire pro closed ok
- Aug 21 '18 eng>fra steward intendant pro closed ok
- Dec 13 '17 eng>eng diary pages pages for the reader to make diary notes pro closed no
4 Sep 15 '17 eng>fra boutique luxury studios studios-boutique de luxe pro closed ok
- Mar 28 '17 fra>eng un moment musical et champêtre a bucolic musical experience pro closed no
- Mar 22 '17 fra>eng billet thermique vs dématérialisé thermal / thermally printed vs virtual ticket pro closed ok
4 Feb 14 '17 eng>fra Destination park parc qui est une destination touristique pro closed ok
- Jan 18 '17 eng>fra tizzied up petit excès de froufrous pro closed ok
4 Sep 14 '16 fra>eng accompagnants accompanied by (various other categories of person) pro closed ok
4 Sep 9 '16 fra>eng nuitées locatives room nights booked pro closed no
- Aug 16 '16 fra>eng les actifs hustlers pro closed no
- Apr 11 '16 eng>fra colored system of circuits système d'itineraires chacun à son couleur de balisage pro closed ok
- Feb 23 '16 fra>eng coupés de riven by pro closed no
- Jan 28 '16 fra>eng soirée lunettes Moonlight spectacular pro closed ok
- Dec 14 '15 eng>eng Whether you are looking for rest, adventure, or just having fun Grammatically correct, but wrong in this context. pro closed ok
4 Aug 11 '15 eng>fra lumber évoluent pesamment pro closed no
- Aug 11 '15 eng>fra reef pilings structures verticales de récifs pro closed ok
4 Oct 27 '14 eng>eng the arrival of an airport the fact that an airport has been constructed pro closed no
- Sep 19 '14 fra>eng étude de la fréquentation de la clientèle customer footfall analysis pro closed ok
- Aug 19 '14 eng>fra Amenities articles de toilette pro closed ok
4 Mar 19 '14 fra>eng caisson unit pro closed ok
- Mar 6 '14 fra>eng espace forme fitness centre pro closed ok
4 Aug 1 '13 fra>eng ingénierie touristique tourism consultancy pro closed ok
4 Jul 27 '13 fra>eng service DMOS Medical ethics department pro closed ok
4 Feb 26 '13 fra>eng apéros-contes story-telling reception/buffet pro closed ok
4 Dec 10 '12 fra>eng Contrat no. mat Contract No. Subject:/Concerning: pro closed ok
- Aug 27 '12 eng>fra first day delegate rate forfait du premier jour au tarif délégués pro closed ok
- Jun 21 '12 fra>eng un sentiment de légèreté, de possibilité, d'évasion a feeling of ease, opportunity and getting away from it all pro closed ok
- Jul 20 '11 fra>eng Le trajet fait partie du voyage The journey is what travelling is about! pro closed no
- Jun 27 '11 fra>eng Salle-lumière Room with controlled lighting pro open no
- May 8 '11 eng>eng visions of the imperial cavalry one can imagine the imperial cavalry pro closed ok
- Mar 9 '11 eng>eng World walk The world at your feet pro closed no
- Sep 24 '10 eng>eng retail precinct pedestrianised area zoned for retail shopping pro closed ok
- Sep 7 '10 eng>eng a upcoming neighbourhood a neighbourhood becoming more fashionable and more expensive pro closed no
4 Aug 30 '10 eng>eng new Metbar blends a cafe It is a combination of a café, restaurant and cocktail bar pro closed ok
- Jun 25 '10 eng>eng discreetly tucked away situated where it is not overlooked pro closed ok
- May 20 '10 eng>eng disparition rephrase it pro closed no
- May 4 '10 fra>eng Vidange sur grilles Waste disposal via gratings pro closed ok
4 Apr 28 '10 fra>eng écrins du sommeil havens of restful sleep pro closed ok
- Nov 2 '09 fra>eng leviers d'accélération et d'ancrage levers to accelerate and embed [the strategy] pro closed no
- Oct 16 '09 fra>eng piste sauvage Off-piste (snow compacted by previous skiers) pro closed no
- Aug 19 '09 fra>eng fête patronale (village) patron saint's day pro closed ok
- Aug 29 '08 fra>eng hébergement léger de loisirs mobile holiday home(s) pro closed ok
- Aug 29 '08 fra>eng hébergement léger de loisirs holiday chalets/bungalows pro closed ok
4 Aug 28 '08 fra>eng pôle nutrition nutrition centre pro closed ok
- Jul 31 '08 fra>eng roulotte-gîte railway carriage chalet/holiday home pro closed ok
- Jul 12 '08 fra>eng un nouveau pôle muséal de la soie a new museological centre for silk pro closed ok
4 Mar 13 '08 fra>eng randonnée cyclotouriste cycle tour (route) pro closed ok
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