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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Nov 12 '19 fra>eng professions supérieures higher occupational social class categories pro closed no
4 Jul 13 '19 eng>eng deduction to for subsequent deduction of pro closed ok
4 Mar 13 '19 fra>eng en matière d’Agence with regard to making choices and acting effectively pro closed ok
- Aug 29 '18 eng>fra net sentiment score de sentiment net pro closed ok
- Jul 3 '18 fra>eng contre-sens médiatiques nonsense written in the media [about pro closed ok
- Mar 16 '18 fra>eng compter [realise how much] it matters pro closed no
4 Feb 1 '18 fra>eng libération de la parole enabling free expression pro closed ok
- Oct 18 '16 fra>eng chef d'agrès Crew Manager (formerly Leading Firefighter) pro closed no
4 Mar 24 '16 eng>fra wrestled down fait descendre manu militari pro closed ok
- Oct 7 '15 fra>eng s'agripper à la vie live [one's] life with a passion pro closed no
4 Aug 16 '15 fra>eng zone du croissant pauvre a crescent-shaped area with high levels of poverty pro closed ok
- Jun 12 '15 eng>fra future life chances chances of obtaining the things required for a secure and happy life pro closed ok
4 Feb 17 '15 fra>eng lien d'intérêt personal connections pro closed ok
- Jan 28 '15 eng>fra resistance-coping résistance et faire face / resister et faire face pro closed no
- Jan 2 '15 eng>fra public case l'argument pour convaincre le public pro just_closed no
- Dec 17 '14 eng>fra referral pathway voie d'orientation pro closed ok
- Aug 28 '14 fra>eng Translation of a program name Lighting the way to Canadian immigration pro just_closed no
- Apr 30 '14 fra>eng famille d'élection family of marriage or procreation pro closed ok
- Mar 6 '14 fra>eng logiques du vivant the principle of living things pro closed no
3 Mar 3 '14 fra>eng Centre d’Appui Social, d’Accompagnement familial et Nutritionnel (CASAN) [centre for social, family and nutritional support] pro closed ok
4 Jan 23 '14 fra>eng l'habiter dwelling pro closed ok
- Aug 30 '13 eng>eng need be limited to ... must, of necessity, be restricted to pro closed no
4 Jul 30 '13 fra>eng ingénieur décroissant green engineer pro closed ok
- Dec 11 '12 fra>eng dissout en lui les traces d'une expérience authentique rids it of any trace of authentic experience pro closed ok
4 Oct 12 '12 fra>eng discussion de bistrot pub-talk pro closed ok
4 Jun 24 '12 fra>eng apprentissages socio-affectifs socio-emotional learning pro closed ok
4 Jun 22 '12 fra>eng construction de soi construction of the self pro closed ok
- Feb 19 '12 fra>eng angélique ideals can be dangerous pro closed no
- Jan 10 '12 eng>eng someone who is a bad time someone whom it is unpleasant to spend time with pro closed no
4 Jan 2 '12 fra>eng dégageant isolating pro closed no
- Dec 31 '11 fra>eng pays land that we inhabit pro closed ok
- Dec 29 '11 fra>eng De la sorte, on est passé des personnes à leurs corps saisi de manière fragmenté Thus, people have been ignored in favour of a fragmented resumé of their bodies. pro closed ok
4 Dec 7 '11 fra>eng résidence pour personnes âgées sheltered housing pro closed ok
- Aug 16 '11 fra>eng réduction de forcenés subduing beserk individuals/persons pro closed ok
4 May 8 '11 fra>eng Fête de la jeunesse laïque Secular youth festival pro closed ok
- Apr 6 '11 fra>eng Passage de flambeau Handing on the flame pro just_closed no
- Feb 23 '11 fra>eng prémisses de l'analyse analytical hypotheses pro closed no
- Oct 23 '10 fra>eng souverainement have complete authority to ... pro closed ok
3 Oct 9 '10 fra>eng service ou une association d'aide a victim aid/support service or association pro closed ok
- May 27 '10 eng>eng noticeable psychological behavior behaviour that indicates a particular psychological state pro closed ok
4 May 27 '10 eng>eng outplacement-consultant redeployment consultant pro closed ok
4 Feb 23 '09 eng>eng management of paternity dealing with the social and economic relationships between children and fathers pro closed ok
4 Feb 4 '09 fra>eng dérives d'accaparement convulsif tendency to unbridled accumulation pro closed ok
- Jan 28 '09 eng>eng to replace versus to substitute replace because there can be no substitute in this case pro closed ok
- Nov 28 '08 fra>eng pôles directionnels administrative centres pro closed ok
- Nov 5 '08 fra>eng L’Engagement Citoyen de Microsoft dans l’Education Microsoft's citizenship commitment in education pro closed no
- Oct 12 '08 fra>eng sous main de justice subject to a court order pro closed ok
- Aug 22 '08 fra>eng travail (social/politique) de représentation (social/political) profile-raising activity pro closed ok
- Jul 29 '08 fra>eng placets politiques Political appeals pro closed ok
- Jul 25 '08 fra>eng fausse commune shared grave pro closed no
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