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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Sep 9 '18 eng>fra novel and formulaic language langage nouveau ainsi que langage convenu pro closed ok
- Sep 9 '18 eng>fra making up evidence based practice constituant une pratique fondée sur des preuves pro closed no
4 Jan 9 '17 eng>eng like so many whirlpools patterns of waves forming vortices pro closed ok
- Dec 17 '15 fra>eng Chaire d'attractivité Chair of academic attraction pro closed no
4 Nov 6 '15 fra>eng résistance à l’effort stamina pro closed ok
4 Apr 14 '14 eng>eng speaks to the scientific evidence addresses/relates to pro closed ok
- Nov 20 '12 eng>fra hands-on minds-on science activités scientifiques pratiques aux ésprits actifs pro closed ok
4 Apr 10 '12 fra>eng poussées de terre earth pressure pro closed no
4 Sep 9 '11 fra>eng sensible perception pro closed ok
- Jul 13 '09 fra>eng mauvaises ondes electromagnetic interference pro closed ok
- Apr 5 '09 eng>eng Alternative strata alternate strata pro closed no
- Mar 9 '09 fra>eng propose l’expérience globale, sensuelle et envoûtante d’une eau pure et vivante. offers the total, sensuous, and captivating experience of a pure and vital water pro closed no
- May 16 '08 fra>eng classe en ordre utile properly filed/filed in the right place pro closed ok
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