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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Oct 21 '19 eng>eng feel safe and protected unthreatened vs protected from a threat pro closed ok
- Jan 3 '19 eng>eng A new sense of being real and alive a feeling and experience of ... that is different and more intense than any previous experience pro closed no
4 Dec 13 '18 fra>eng La présentation est un peu rigide seemed a bit stiff pro closed ok
4 Jan 16 '18 fra>eng contact fuyant interacts evasively pro closed ok
- Dec 10 '17 eng>fra in-services stage à l'hôpital pro closed no
3 Sep 15 '17 eng>fra an open expression un visage franc pro closed ok
- May 11 '17 eng>fra core genius talent essentiel pro closed ok
4 Dec 18 '15 eng>eng in the figure of You the ideal type of the therapist embodied by "You" pro closed ok
- Mar 19 '15 fra>eng démonte imagines people taking the house apart pro closed ok
- Jan 9 '14 fra>eng rééducation écologique environment-appropriate/environment-sensitive rehabilitation pro closed ok
- Nov 15 '12 fra>eng cadre contenant supportive framework pro closed ok
- Jun 13 '12 fra>eng affect modulable flexibility of affect pro closed ok
4 Feb 12 '11 fra>eng pour observer le signe médical d'une éventuelle castration to observe the physical sign of a possible castration pro closed ok
- Mar 21 '10 fra>eng rayonner spread an aura pro closed ok
- Feb 25 '09 fra>eng régression assumée a deliberate harking back pro closed ok
- Apr 11 '08 fra>eng ancrages pillars pro closed ok
- Apr 11 '08 fra>eng la vivance joyful intensity pro closed no
3 Jan 31 '08 fra>eng qui se retrouvent à la leçon which are covered in this lesson/lecture pro closed ok
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