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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Aug 22 '19 eng>fra defringe color Couleur de la frange à supprimer pro closed ok
4 Dec 18 '18 eng>fra Ratings classements pro closed ok
- Apr 7 '17 eng>fra get a reading on faire un mésure pro closed no
- Dec 23 '16 eng>fra to shoot the marker filmer le clap pro just_closed no
- Apr 3 '15 fra>eng bascule alternating/shifting pro closed ok
4 Jun 12 '14 fra>eng plan plane pro closed ok
4 Oct 16 '13 fra>eng support support pro closed ok
- Jun 14 '12 fra>eng A/R sample/mock-up for review pro closed no
- Jul 11 '11 fra>eng réduit aux acquêts reduced to appropriated objects pro closed ok
- May 5 '11 fra>eng atténuation fading pro closed ok
4 Dec 8 '10 fra>eng borne minimale de longueur lower limit of length pro closed ok
4 Oct 3 '10 fra>eng matrice support / format pro closed ok
- Apr 10 '09 fra>eng Ce dernier est souvent appréhendé dans sa dynamique The latter is often experienced within (the terms of) its own dynamics pro closed ok
- Apr 2 '09 fra>eng techniques artisanales de conditionnement handcrafted packaging techniques pro just_closed no
- Jan 7 '09 fra>eng porter vers d'autres regards "transport" to other eyes pro closed no
4 Dec 19 '08 fra>eng conférant au groupe de rock une imagerie affirmée. giving the rock group a distinctive image pro closed ok
- Oct 16 '08 fra>eng un gage d’adhésion a token of commitment pro closed ok
- Aug 8 '08 fra>eng une mouvance que l'on appellera l'esthétique industrielle a movement/trend that was later/subsequently called the Industrial Aesthetic pro closed ok
4 Aug 8 '08 fra>eng l'image communicante communicative image pro closed ok
- Aug 7 '08 fra>eng A travers des vidéos que l’on s’associe au sport, ou au cinéma, Whether one is from the world of sport or cinema, XXX's videos ... pro closed no
4 Apr 8 '08 fra>eng de nature éditoriale et informative of an editorial and informative nature pro closed ok
- Nov 29 '07 fra>eng traduire le plénitude d'un regard to interpret the full meaning of a look pro closed no
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