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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Nov 8 '18 fra>eng il n'y a pas cet intervalle étanche que postulent le positivisme There is no hermetic separation between it … and the observer, as postulated by positivism pro closed ok
4 Jan 22 '18 eng>eng Second Job second role/function/task pro closed ok
- Nov 16 '17 fra>eng la conséquence est bonne the outcome is good pro closed no
- Feb 1 '16 fra>eng manière de tenir dans le monde and Tenir au monde how we grasp things in the world vs Holding fast to the world pro open no
- Sep 4 '15 fra>eng sans drainer avec lui without entailing pro closed ok
- Aug 15 '15 eng>fra Make ’Em Laugh, Make ’Em Cry, Make ’Em Agree Faites-les rire, faites-les pleurer, faites-les donner leur accord pro closed no
- Oct 1 '14 fra>eng besoins du propos exigencies of expression pro closed ok
- Jul 25 '13 fra>eng "Il faut jouer pour devenir sérieux" All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy pro closed ok
- Jan 16 '12 fra>eng joie redemptrice redemptive joy pro closed no
4 Jul 28 '11 eng>eng 'relation between' or 'relationship between' either pro closed ok
4 May 31 '11 eng>eng Human Being and 'his' or 'its' nature, behaviour, etc... human(s) and their nature .../humanity and its nature ... pro closed ok
4 Feb 8 '11 fra>eng raisonner dans to reason in terms of pro closed ok
- Oct 4 '10 fra>eng des parties au tout et du tout aux parties part-to-whole and whole-to-part pro closed no
- Jun 9 '09 fra>eng ...nuire à la bétise... ... to harm stupidity pro closed no
- Mar 19 '09 fra>eng pluri-équipement multi-equipping pro just_closed no
- Mar 18 '09 fra>eng [cycle/phase des] économies de consommation cycle/phase of consumer economies pro closed ok
- Mar 18 '09 fra>eng à dominante bourgeoise ou encore élitaire predominantly bourgeois, (or) even elite pro closed ok
2 Mar 18 '09 fra>eng zappeur et dé-coordonné flitting and inconstant pro closed ok
- Mar 18 '09 fra>eng référentiels de sens reference systems of meaning pro closed ok
- Jan 26 '09 fra>eng loi de cristal the crystal image pro just_closed no
- Jan 12 '08 fra>eng toute extérieure d'antan past times' keeping up an appearance (of fidelity) pro closed no
- Dec 1 '07 fra>eng déploiements d'éruditions subtiles the use of erudite but empty subtleties pro closed no
- Sep 21 '07 fra>eng il n'est pas d'ordre there is no ontology pro closed no
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