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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Mar 23 eng>eng walking legs moving his legs in a way that looks like walking easy closed ok
4 Jan 14 eng>eng Did they come back? did they come back? easy closed ok
4 Oct 8 '19 eng>eng a comma Putting a comma there is a punctuation error easy closed ok
- Sep 3 '19 eng>eng coffee-table-level literature Books intended to impress by their appearance, rather than to be read. easy closed no
4 Aug 31 '19 eng>eng addressing these deep human longings addressing these profound human desires easy closed ok
4 Aug 27 '19 eng>eng to go down the front straightaway driving along the straight in front of the stands easy closed ok
- Aug 26 '19 eng>eng all for all of the school students easy closed no
4 Aug 22 '19 eng>eng But you must.... a good breakfast. but you must try and eat a good breakfast easy closed no
- Aug 19 '19 eng>eng Pride-ish life an old banger easy closed no
4 Aug 16 '19 fra>eng Poche de granola cuit sachet of baked granola easy closed ok
4 Jun 18 '19 fra>eng une mise en situation simulation easy closed ok
- Mar 12 '19 fra>eng donner des cours aux arts et à l'industrie Technical and industrial applications of chemistry easy just_closed no
- Mar 13 '19 eng>eng space women are not restricted ... not being restricted easy closed ok
4 Mar 5 '19 eng>eng Look at considering how or whether to do something easy closed ok
- Jan 4 '19 fra>eng des poubelles proches des sièges et plus grandes rubbish bins by the seats and bigger ones easy closed no
4 Dec 28 '18 fra>eng salon-séjour, salon séjour lounge-dining room OR lounge/dining room easy closed ok
- Dec 7 '18 eng>fra en-US anglais (États-Unis) easy closed ok
- Dec 6 '18 eng>fra Isolated lunch bag sac repas / à déjeuner isotherme easy open no
4 Nov 14 '18 fra>eng rentrée doctorale start of academic year for doctoral students easy closed ok
- Oct 22 '18 eng>fra 80s entre 25 et 30 degrés easy closed no
- Sep 12 '18 eng>eng inversion or not after "nor" First is awkward - second is wrong easy closed no
- Sep 13 '18 eng>fra dry coffee powders café en poudre sec easy just_closed no
4 Sep 9 '18 eng>eng Create a new exercise activity A new activity involving exercise easy closed ok
- Sep 6 '18 fra>eng je prends / je laisse I'll speak now / That's it easy closed ok
- Aug 29 '18 eng>eng Funkmaster funkmaster easy just_closed no
4 Aug 2 '18 eng>eng Give a good push to promote effectively easy closed ok
4 Mar 18 '18 fra>eng puits d’eau fraîche fresh/new blood easy closed ok
- Feb 21 '18 fra>eng été escorte taken in charge easy just_closed no
NP Jan 29 '18 fra>eng dans le sens de la boucle following the circuit easy closed ok
- Oct 10 '17 eng>fra pulled together avoir le contrôle de soi easy closed ok
- Aug 7 '17 eng>fra grappling interview entretien passionnant/captivant easy closed ok
- Jul 28 '17 eng>fra Haussman elegance l’élégance du style Haussmann easy closed no
4 Jul 21 '17 eng>fra water beads perles d'eau easy closed ok
4 Jul 18 '17 eng>fra roll top bag sac roulé sur le haut easy closed ok
3 Jun 24 '17 fra>eng presque d'une fluctuation de la surface almost a quivering of the surface easy closed no
- Jun 3 '17 eng>fra tackle relever le défi de ... easy closed ok
4 Jun 3 '17 eng>fra plant floor. atelier (de production industrielle) easy closed ok
4 Jun 1 '17 fra>eng liens documentaires document links easy closed ok
2 May 24 '17 fra>eng adverbe de sens about meaning easy closed ok
3 May 24 '17 fra>eng ce qui l’interroge est légion (this premise) raises a multitude of questions easy closed ok
4 May 17 '17 eng>fra Score partition easy closed ok
4 May 17 '17 eng>eng inhabit be immersed in / to feel at home in easy closed ok
NP May 12 '17 fra>eng Il faut se rendre à l'evidence We need to face the facts easy closed ok
- May 9 '17 fra>eng jours de fête canton-specific public and minority religous holidays easy just_closed no
- Mar 22 '17 fra>eng de nos côtes from French(?)/Tunisian(?) waters easy closed no
4 Mar 14 '17 eng>eng mechanically-translated machine translated easy closed ok
4 Feb 28 '17 eng>eng Framing contexts and expectations easy closed ok
- Dec 26 '16 fra>eng Paysans mutins Farmers rebel (to farm for the future) easy closed no
4 Nov 30 '16 fra>eng prendre à emporter take away easy closed ok
- Nov 8 '16 fra>eng Lots disparates mixed groups of items easy closed no
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