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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Feb 19 fra>eng faire culture Cultural production easy closed no
4 Oct 20 '19 fra>eng Passez! Adieu! Allez vous-en! Leave! Farewell! Begone! easy closed ok
4 Sep 9 '19 fra>eng de l’imaginaire de l’architecte (as) imagined by the architect easy closed ok
4 Apr 17 '19 eng>eng so that so that / in order that easy closed ok
NP Mar 6 '19 eng>fra sash (phoenician) écharpe (phénicienne) easy just_closed no
4 Jan 5 '19 fra>eng Il me semble très mal en point He looks to me like he's in a really bad way easy closed ok
4 Dec 12 '18 fra>eng Pourquoi s’arcbouter ? Why keep struggling? easy closed ok
4 Dec 8 '18 fra>eng tel un alezan like a spirited horse easy closed ok
- Nov 24 '18 fra>eng manquer un bras et une jambe he was missing an arm, a leg and ... easy closed no
4 Aug 23 '18 eng>eng Dimwell a well of limited intelligence ... easy closed no
- Nov 6 '17 eng>eng and to the world let it remain May we not lose it easy closed ok
NP Mar 1 '17 eng>eng a cup of hair cap or hair easy open no
- Sep 29 '16 fra>eng immuable invariable / set in stone easy closed ok
- Apr 22 '16 eng>eng clean business card business card with no handwriting, scribbles or stains easy closed ok
- Mar 29 '16 fra>eng fil numérique digital cable - but ... easy open no
4 Mar 29 '16 eng>eng God forbid should ever be at my heels He fervently wishes never to be chased by such a hound himself easy closed ok
4 Dec 15 '15 eng>eng wild shot a shot not (properly) aimed at a target easy closed ok
- Aug 16 '15 fra>eng le compagnon de cordée trusted partner easy closed ok
4 Jul 15 '15 eng>eng sourly angry resentfully or peevishly angry easy closed no
- Jun 15 '15 eng>eng holds in intensest being the very heart of all experience Multiple meanings easy closed no
4 May 24 '15 eng>eng trot up;innocent casually came along ... not expecting a negative response easy closed ok
- Apr 30 '15 fra>eng J'étais pas une lumière I didn't exactly shine easy closed ok
- Mar 28 '15 fra>eng Faire son cinéma play to the cameras easy closed ok
- Feb 16 '15 fra>eng appariements matching up things and people easy closed no
NP Dec 12 '14 eng>eng as I saw and thought about them, as I saw and thought about them, easy closed ok
- May 10 '14 fra>eng Portfolio de Première Parsing error easy closed ok
- Apr 16 '14 eng>eng ring of calrity?help needed pure, resonant and clear sound easy closed no
4 Mar 5 '14 eng>eng head and mouth hangover easy closed ok
- Nov 21 '13 eng>eng named specified by name easy closed ok
- Aug 22 '12 fra>eng image à l'appui with supporting illustration(s) easy closed no
4 Jun 23 '12 eng>eng WE ARE GREECE - THEY ARE JUST OUR SPONSORS Our shirts might say "Germany", but we really are the Greek national team easy closed ok
- May 25 '12 eng>eng his happiness brought out a wild glee that tumbled out of his mouth like can unrestrained expression of that happiness easy closed ok
- Feb 21 '12 eng>eng If you had seen the pitiful state in which they were If you had seen the pitiful state they were in easy closed no
- Dec 9 '11 fra>eng s’ouvre à l’horizon. stretches to the horizon easy open no
- Jul 20 '11 fra>eng à qui la vie sourit / ne sourit pas upon whom life smiles / upon whom life does not smile easy closed no
- Apr 18 '11 eng>eng adultery sandwich a bit on the side easy closed no
- Feb 9 '11 fra>eng dans la douceur d'un traversin in a pillow's softness easy closed ok
4 Jan 23 '11 eng>eng diploma student student for higher or futher education diploma easy closed ok
- Dec 27 '10 eng>eng dish dish hubcap easy closed no
4 May 18 '10 fra>eng perverse possibilité de reconstruire un monde inégal the perverse opportunity to recreate an unequal, unjust and violent world easy closed no
1 Apr 1 '10 eng>eng a citizen of Topeka Topekan easy closed ok
4 Mar 31 '10 fra>eng formations groups/ensembles easy closed ok
NP Mar 7 '10 eng>eng Two idioms both still used easy closed no
- Jan 9 '10 fra>eng mosaïque syncretic easy closed no
4 Jan 3 '10 eng>eng House does this make sense? easy closed no
4 Nov 10 '09 fra>eng j'ai vu les portes se fermer the doors were closed to me easy closed no
- Oct 12 '09 eng>eng Idiom meaning to do something voluntary/unprofitable but needless running around like headless chickens easy closed no
4 Aug 25 '09 eng>eng With this instrument he would still their tracherous voices. he would use it to kill them, which would shut them up for good easy closed no
- Mar 31 '09 fra>eng J'ai froid au coeur I feel gutted easy closed ok
- Mar 21 '09 eng>eng as plain as a quaker unadorned/severe easy closed ok
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