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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Mar 27 eng>eng Landlord is the fee owner of certain real property being the landlord is the owner in fee simple pro closed ok
- Mar 23 eng>eng walking legs moving his legs in a way that looks like walking easy closed ok
- Mar 22 fra>eng hôtellerie de plein air open air hotels / hotel industry/provision pro closed ok
4 Mar 6 fra>eng parties communes de l’assiette de la propriété common parts within the perimeter of the property pro closed ok
4 Mar 5 eng>eng case is called When it is announced that your case is the next one to be heard pro closed ok
4 Mar 4 fra>eng niveau de délégation high degree of delegation pro closed ok
4 Mar 4 eng>fra flattened aplati pro closed ok
- Mar 4 eng>eng within the meaning and intent of both the strict literal meaning of the wording and the lawmakers' intent pro closed no
- Mar 2 fra>eng quand il s’agit de plébisciter Youtube when you take a straw poll of ... pro closed ok
4 Mar 2 fra>eng lot de mise en oeuvre implementation work package pro closed ok
3 Mar 2 fra>eng colle mortier cementitious adhesive pro closed no
4 Feb 29 eng>eng settlement or award voluntary payment or payment imposed by a court or tribunal pro closed ok
- Feb 29 fra>eng conclusion(s) 1) by concluding the … – 2) conclusions easy closed no
- Feb 29 fra>eng grésage smoothing/polishing pro just_closed no
- Feb 29 fra>eng volet type persienne IDF IDF louvred shutter pro just_closed no
4 Feb 29 fra>eng isorupteur Thermal break pro closed ok
- Feb 27 fra>eng rétraction des volets retraction of / retracting the flaps easy closed no
- Feb 20 fra>eng contour des vitres around the edges of the glass/windows pro closed ok
- Feb 19 eng>fra cool touch handle Poignée fraîche au toucher pro closed ok
4 Feb 19 fra>eng carte obligée One map that's essential pro closed ok
- Feb 19 eng>fra manual documentation documentation manuelle pro closed ok
- Feb 19 fra>eng faire culture Cultural production easy closed no
3 Feb 19 fra>eng meuble par nature things that are, by definition, furniture or furnishings pro closed no
- Feb 13 eng>fra Six finger site Empreinte comportant six ailes organisées autour d'une colonne centrale pro open no
4 Feb 12 fra>eng circulation à bras point duty pro closed ok
4 Feb 12 fra>eng prendre en attachement to accept as additional to the contract pro closed ok
4 Feb 12 fra>eng marché au métré measured works contract pro closed ok
4 Feb 12 fra>eng lot d'équipement MEP work package / Building services work package pro closed ok
3 Feb 12 fra>eng main‐d'œuvre d'exécution construction labour/workforce pro closed ok
4 Feb 12 fra>eng fautif inadequate pro closed ok
- Feb 3 eng>eng Do not face weld. Do not weld the exposed faces only pro just_closed no
4 Jan 31 eng>eng Get user to activate make the user activate / tell the user to activate pro closed ok
4 Jan 29 fra>eng contrat d’écoute listener expectations pro closed ok
4 Jan 27 fra>eng nappe level pro closed ok
4 Jan 25 eng>eng fill on the tongue full on the tongue pro closed ok
4 Jan 23 fra>eng Production d'un résultat erroné Producing an erroneous result / An erroneous result being produced easy closed ok
4 Jan 23 fra>eng demande du périmètre du forfait request for (definition of) the scope of the package pro closed ok
- Jan 23 fra>eng vitesse retenue speed cited pro closed no
- Jan 20 eng>eng building trust with someone building trust between the people concerned pro closed no
- Jan 17 eng>eng Dream Vacation sweepstakes Dream Vacation sweepstake pro closed no
NP Jan 14 eng>fra Previous Type : A catégorie précédente : A pro just_closed no
4 Jan 15 fra>eng montant du portique gantry column pro closed ok
4 Jan 14 eng>eng Did they come back? did they come back? easy closed ok
- Dec 28 '19 fra>eng de non contre-indication à that you are fit to compete pro closed ok
4 Dec 26 '19 eng>fra Refuse Contract Sum montant du contrat de collecte (et/ou) traitment des dechets pro closed ok
4 Dec 27 '19 eng>fra blocking and stacking volumes et superposition pro closed ok
- Dec 22 '19 fra>eng expédition gratuite delivered free of charge easy closed no
2 Dec 16 '19 fra>eng fermoir traversant for pierced ears pro closed ok
3 Dec 16 '19 fra>eng masse integrally moulded reinforcement pro closed ok
- Dec 15 '19 fra>eng une filière sèche dry trade(s) pro closed ok
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