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February 2020

Conor McAuley
17 years, 5m words! Qual.: CIOL, London

Local time: 02:09 CET (GMT+1)

Native in: English (Variants: Wales / Welsh, UK, Scottish, Irish, British) Native in English
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(Last update: 24 February 2020, 19:25 CET/Paris time.)    


The longest profile on! Probably. Feel free to skip sections. 

Web page powered by Barry's Tea and Snickers bars (and obviously some tech).

Still at number 49 in the French into English all-time KudoZ points-scorers on this website! See the all-time scoreboard (click here).

Quote of the month (or until I find something better): "If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur!" 

- Tom Proost, Spain.

Crafted certified translations, lay-out genius at work and at play. 



Over 100,000 words translated in the legal (contract law) subject area in 2018 (list available upon request). 

70,000+ career words in intellectual property (IP), trademarks and patents (list available upon request). 

Now a music and book licensing agreement specialist! I also boast a huge deal of experience in IP, trademark law and patents, more than 50,000 words.

Before we go any further, a word about prices - I try to strike the best balance between fair remuneration for myself and the best value for money for my clients. I have costs and bills to pay too!

I now do business with clients on four continents (Europe, North America, Africa and Asia). South America, Australia and Antarctica are yet to succumb to the value for money I provide. 

Latest feedback from clients:

"J’ai lu très attentivement ta traduction, et je l’ai trouvée vraiment impeccable" (I read your translation very attentively, and I found it truly impeccable.)

More: "C’est parfait.

Merci pour ce travail soigné." (It [the translation] is perfect. Thank you for the meticulous work.")

E-commerce websites:

- Owners of French-language e-commerce websites (Canada, I'm talking to you here as well!): why not get your website translated into English and benefit from the massive growth in electronic trade in the past few years? You will easily make the cost of translation back on your first few orders from English-speaking customers!

Certified translations:

- Certified translations: I provide certified translations (also sometimes referred to as sworn or official translations) of Register of Births, Deaths & Marriages documents, of secondary school and university documents, of adoption, divorce, visa application and asylum application documents, etc., for use in the UK, in the US, in Canada, in Ireland, in Australia and in New Zealand. Competitive rates. 

I used to be an official sworn translator so I have extensive experience in this type of translation.   

Please note: I do not provide notarised, legalised or apostille documents, which in general are for court or legal use.

I cater to French (Canada) and I also specialise in documents drawn up in North African and in West African French.   

Voiceover artist: available for work in Dijon, Lyon and Paris.


Download my CV in English by clicking on this text.

In brief: 

High-quality human translation, by a qualified and vastly experienced native speaker.

Delivered on time, ALL the time.

A legal, business/corporate, HR and finance specialist. I translated over 100,000 words as part of legal translation projects in 2018! 

Versatile also, due to work in extremely diverse subject areas for generalist translation agencies. An internet research expert, I can translate virtually any text which is not overly technical. 

I do work on behalf of the European Union. 

I translate mainly into UK English and I do not usually provide any other language services. (I also avoid what linguists call language transfer (click for more information) or L1 interference) at all costs.) 

CAT tools: I am proficient in Memsource, memoQ and SDL Trados.

Process/workflow: I employ a rigorous and highly-structured translation process which has been tried, tested and continually fine-tuned and adjusted over the course of the past 15 years (workflow diagram upon request).

I review my handwritten notes after each job, identifying and storing key translations I have learned, thus consolidating my knowledge. 

Rates: EUR 0.05-0.09 per word, depending on the subject area, urgency, other project and peronal workload particulars (see USD and GBP conversions below).

Slightly higher rates naturally apply to direct clients, i.e. non translation-agency clients, as the agency margin is removed from the equation.

Standard (non-rush) rates, FR>EN, per source word

EUR0.05to 0.09
GBP0.045to 0.08
USD0.055to 0.10

(Rates rounded, source, as of 9 August 2019. Payment in EUR or USD preferred, pending the UK's departure from the EU.)  

Specialist subject areas:

I specialise in legal, business and financial translation. I have a genuine passion for legal translation.

Types of documents/material/content:


Contracts (general terms & conditions of sale, of
purchase, of use (for websites), employment contracts, etc.), court and employment
tribunal rulings, certified birth, death, marriage, civil union and other certificates
for use in the English-speaking world, company statutes (articles of
association), court petitions, court submissions, legal regulations, local,
regional and national legislation, decrees, orders, international co-operation
(e.g. EU free trade agreements), calls for tenders, legal notices (e.g. for
websites), confidentiality agreements (“NDAs”), court summonses, subpoenas, lease
agreements, sale agreements, shareholders’ agreements, wills, divorce papers,

BUSINESS (business/marketing/sales/management/HR, etc.)

Websites, marketing campaigns, posters, advertisements,
flyers, market research material, press releases, product presentation
documentation, product labels, product catalogues, press articles, company
newsletters (internal or external), PowerPoint presentations, social media
video subtitles, product launches, strategic plans, minutes of meetings (e.g.
ordinary, extraordinary, annual general meetings of shareholders), group organisational charts, workflow charts, production processes, quality assurance, HR, training material, disciplinary proceedings, etc.


Financial statements (both interim and periodical), flash accounts (for internal company use), press
releases, shareholder reports, income statements (profit & loss accounts),
balance sheets, management reports, annual reports, cash flow requirement estimates,
business plans, financial forecasts, misc. reports, management documents,
financial products, venture and investment capital funds (reviews and outlooks),
issues of shares, economic outlook reports, macroeconomics, microeconomics,

Availability: I am often available to work evenings (central European/Paris time (i.e. CET/CEST)) and weekends, on rush/overnight jobs, for no extra charge. I see this as one of my USPs. 

Workrate: I can translate 2,000 to 3,000 words per day on a non-rush basis, and 6,000 words or more on a rush basis.  

Working hours: I generally work from 8am to 6pm CET and CEST (i.e. Paris time), Monday to Friday, but I also monitor my email (and of course answer calls) up to 8pm (weekdays) and outside of these hours and at weekends.

SDL Trados:

I'm using SDL Trados Studio 2011 (link)

(In my seventh calendar year using SDL Trados.) 

See translation as an investment, not as a cost!

Officially bilingual
(I obtained a bilingual International Baccalaureate in 1992) for 27 years in 2019!

from HL Trad France (now part of the Acolad Group, formerly called Technicis), a global top-100 translation agency which specialises in legal and financial translation:

"We strongly recommend Conor for French to English translation projects. It is always a pleasure to work with him."

Reference dated 04/09/2017: 450,513 (yes, almost half a million!) words translated for HL Trad since September 2010, in the following fields of expertise: legal, financial, HR and commercial translation.

(For more testimonials, see below.)

Every month I build on my expertise and experience in several subject areas, always moving forward and learning new things, adding to my archives and consolidating my knowledge and skills.

ACHIEVEMENTS (2014-2019):

Here I outline my achievements, to give both existing and potential clients a better idea of the type of material I translate on a day-to-day basis and the subject areas I am comfortable and familiar with.

(Please note that this section is deliberately worded so as to maintain client confidentiality, since I have signed NDAs with many of my clients. The downside of this is that the items on the list may appear somewhat sketchy, occasionally.)

2020, my 3rd decade in the translation business:


  • Various jobs in-process (a telecoms project in West Africa, 4,000 words, personal documents, etc.). 
  • Legal project, 5,500 words, anti-corruption questionnaire for a "controlled entity" under French law. 
  • Finance: the agenda of a conference for institutional investors and the asset management industry, featuring some of the biggest names in world business, politics and finance, 1,000 words. 
  • Took some time off after an EXTREMELY busy month in January, my busiest month in years! 


  • Personal documents (certified birth certificates, marriage certificates, school and university transcripts and diplomas, criminal records, many bank statements, etc.): 16,000 words. I now specialise in the translation of bank statements, into both UK and US English. And, as always, I specialise in documents in the different variants of North and West African French. 
  • IT (networks): 1,000 words on developing optical network technology, French (Belgium) to English. 
  • Legal (various areas of law): the website of a law firm, 2,000 words, from Fr. (Lux.) to English.
  • Personal documents: 6 pages of bank statements, Morocco. 1,200 words. 
  • Personal documents: 7 pages of bank statements, Côte d'Ivoire, 3,000 words in eight hours, including OCR, lay-out, formatting and inclusion of the original document in the delierables, page by page. 
  • Legal (real estate law): a 2,500-word small claims court summons. 
  • Travel/tourism: about Madagascar (wild beaches, water sports, lemurs, whales, dolphins, the "Red Island", trekking and hiking, landscapes, birdwatching, nature reserves, nature parks, recreational fishing, biodiversity, flora and fauna, etc.  
  • Business/legal/finance (accounting): management report of company on its accounts, minutes of decisions taken by the sole shareholder: 2,500 words. Company with turnover of €200 million+.  
  • Marketing/semi-technical (a press release, etc.): 2,000 words, components for electronics, electrical engineering, internet terminology also, etc.



  • Legal (company law): Articles of Association, 2,700 words.  
  • Personal documents (certified university grades & results transcript and a diploma): 1,300 words, CERTIFIED, for a private client in the UK. 
  • Real estate: descriptions of high-end real estate in France, for sale or rent. 1,000 words.
  • Legal, lease-purchase agreement: 2,000 words. 
  • Food & drink: multiple small projects for a very high-end black tea, green tea and herbal tea brand that is stocked by Harrods, Selfridges, etc.
  • Finance: minutes of a meeting of the Board of Directors of a large private bank that has offices in Monaco, Luxembourg, Switzerland, London, Dubai, etc. 1,600 words. "Hold mail" accounts, strategy especially marketing strategy, asset management report, mortgages and loans, business results, prudential ratios, high risk accounts, business introducers, account-opening times, marketing plan, new brochure, legal disputes, annual audit plan, MiFID II review, risk review, compliance, the EU Mortgage Credit Directive, intra-group matters, etc.  
  • Other miscellaneous certified personal documents (birth certificates, tax and social insurance documents, a marriage certificate, bank statement, certificate of incorporation, company accounts, company share ownership etc.): 3,600 words. 
  • Finance: payment procedures of government agencies (taxes and customs duties), West African country, 4,000 words.
  • Private document: proofreading of a CV for a marketing and communications professional, 400 words. 
  • Technical/engineering (website marketing material): 500 words.
  • Public tender: outsourcing of a public service, Deed of Personal Guarantee for the amount of approx. €400 million involved, 500 words approx. 


  • IT: security assurance plan, 3,500 words. 
  • Fashion: fashion school website and social media content, 800 words. 
  • Real estate: one presentation of a property for sale and two overviews of high-end real estate markets. Cannes, Alpine and US ski resorts, chateaus.
  • Pending: legal, contract law: a contract for a major rail company, almost 20,000 words. 
  • Legal (contract law): Employment Contract of an employee of one of the world's largest oil companies, 1,300 words.
  • Marketing, events: temporary crowd-control infrastructure, 500 words.
  • Proofreading (electronics), 500 words. 
  • Legal: auctions of movable property (common law: personal property) and of immovable property (aka real estate) in Luxembourg; definitions, explanations and duty payable. 1,000 words. 
  • Retail: high-end infants' and children's footwear and clothing retailer and online retailer. Weekly newsletter. 1,000 words.   
  • Personal documents (birth/marriage/civil partnership/death certificates, diplomas, divorce rulings, etc.): 2,000 words. 
  • Legal (litigation law): 2,000 words, summons to appear in court. 


  • Legal: a 6,000-word project in the railway infrastructure sector (General Terms & Conditions, Commercial Terms & Conditions, etc.).
  • Legal: contract definitions, 1,000 words, FR (Canada) to EN (United Kingdom). 
  • Agri-food/business: margin optimisation in a wholesale seafood business, 1,250 words.  
  • A newspaper article, 1,000 words, from French (Mauritius) to English (UK). 
  • Marketing of hospitality group using social media: 1,700 words, a PPT regarding social media positioning for a large France-based global hotel group.
  • Legal/personal data/privacy: two texts concerning the GDPR, 1,000 words approx.
  • Semi-technical (metallurgy), a speech for an official opening of a factory, 1,000 words. 
  • Personal documents: birth certificates, grade transcripts, etc.: 3,000 words. 


  • Government/international bodies: 2,000 words for the EU, an Invitation to Tender. 
  • Finance/legal: transfer of a pension fund and associated rights and obligations to an insurance company, 2,100 words. 
  • Food & drink: many short texts (product descriptions and ingredients) for a very prestigious high-end tea brand.
  • Personal documents (birth certificates, diplomas, etc.): 5,500 words. 
  • Legal (contract law): a pre-nuptial agreement, 1,300 words.
  • Real estate: a one-page test translation for an SME French translation agency, descriptions of luxury properties for rent and sale. Slightly challenging and very interesting content. Successful, now working for the agency (see below). 
  • Real estate: luxury property listings, in four batches (high-end properties in Paris, in the Paris area and in Thailand, for sale and/or to rent), 8,000 words.
  • Real estate, a luxury property listing, what I'm working on: 500 words.
  • Government (health policy/policing policy): State-level document for a European country, 6,000 words. 
  • Personal documents: family record book (livret de famille), 800 words. 
  • Personal documents: 900 words (ref.: Mo.Th.). 


  • Legal (company law): part of the Shareholders' Agreement of a company (start, definitions, electronic signature details), 8,000 words approx. Right of First Refusal, Tag-Along particulars, etc. 
  • Legal (contract/corporate law), Related Party Agreement (cash, service invoicing and loan & advance provision agreement), 2,500 words.
  • Legal/medical: informed consent form, 200 words. 
  • BIG NEWS: this month I have been doing translation tests to become a listed supplier of one of the Top 5 LSPs in Europe (source: Common Sense Advisory). I AM NOW A PARTNER OF THIS FIRM!
  • Legal (contract law): power of attorney, purchase of a chalet, 2,000 words. 
  • Technical: two short technical texts (one about 3D printing in the field of dental prosthetics, the other about selective laser sintering & milling), 500 words.  
  • Various personal documents (birth and death certificates, criminal records, exam transcipts, secondary school and university diplomas/degrees, etc.), 5,000 words.  


  • Semi-legal: competition rules, 1,800 words.
  • General terms and conditions of purchase (contract law), Belgian French to UK English, approx. 1,000 words.
  • Personal documents (a CV, university degree documents, secondary school report transcripts, a marriage certificate, etc.), 1,500 words.
  • Legal (contract law): a commercial lease glossary (key terms, for uniformity) and the table of contents section of a commercial lease, 1,150 words.
  • Food industry: 400 words about various granita (similar to Slush Puppy (TM)) products. 
  • European trade union organisation: committee meeting summary report, 400 words. 
  • Legal (contract law - discount voucher clearing agreement), 6,500 words. 


  • Legal/retail: 10,000 words on a shopping centre's internal rules and regulations.
  • Legal, contract law: a book publishing agreement and an audiovisual adaptation rights assignment agreement, 8,700 weighted words, approx.
  • Two short tests, one for a quote submitted by a client, one for a major London-based LSP. 
  • International organisations/trade unions/policing: 1,700 words.
  • Legal (corporate law): certificate of liquidation of a company, the Articles of Association of a company.  
  • Legal (contract law): legal content of a website, general terms and conditions of sale, privacy policy cookies, confidentiality, legal notice, GPDR notice, etc., 8,000 words. 
  • Official document: marriage certificate, certified, for the purpose of a UK passport application by a French national. 
  • Pro-bono, music: proofread/re-wrote PhD PPT presentation on Viking metal music.


  • Semi-technical, an obsolescence management procedure for a very large multinational company (all functions of the business) in the transport sector, 3,000 words. 
  • Sport: horse jumping, 500 words. 
  • Legal, contract law. A music licensing contract, 7,800 words. 
  • Work involving North African French, 500 words. 
  • Litigation law (unpaid service charges in a residential building), court summons, 2,800 words.
  • PR/communication: two press releases about appointments at a very prestigious consulting agency with operations worldwide, 900 words. 
  • Contract law: service agreement in the NGO sector, 600 words.
  • Company law, Articles of Association, 6,500 words approx.
  • A legal test translation for a large global LSP. 

March and April: 

  • Project-managed, took part in the translation of and proofread a highly-prestigious 7,000-word EU project which included a draft international free trade agreement (key terms: European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), electronic trade, EU public procurement). Also found a supplier at the right quality and price points, handled supplier relations and paid the supplier -- job posted on  
  • Banking/personal documents: from French (Canada), bank current account and mortgage loan account statements, one tax bill, 3,200 target words. 
  • Workplace psychosociology/management/HR/workplace health & safety, 1,500 words. 
  • Legal (contract law): part of a catering contract, 2,600 words. 
  • Market research in France for one of the biggest food companies in the world: 1,500 words. Product testing, comparison with competitors' products, consumer feedback. 
  • Legal (litigation law): summons, 2,000 words. 
  • Music/legal (contract law): a music recording contract between a singer and a producer, 2,500 words. 
  • Legal: SNCF contract, 500 words. 
  • Law/hospitals, nursing homes, etc./biomedical waste -- 2,000 words, from French (Canada) into English (Canada). 

February and March:

  • Legal: tax law (tax residency form), 500 words. 
  • Law, 2,000 words, into English (Canada). 
  • Road safety/IT/government/telecoms/policing/international co-operation (EU): 21,900 words (17,850 weighted) on the organisation of a French and Europe-wide technology system to promote road safety and compliance with labour law in the area of road transport. 
  • Strategy project review for a multinational engineering company, market research/business strategy/finance/marketing, 3,200 words.  
  • Legal: transport charter (rules, regulations and recommendations legally binding), 1,500 words. 


  • History/sport: 1,500 words on a sport-related museum exhibition. 
  • Food/marketing/wholesale: website of a multinational cheese processing company, 5,500 words, slightly technical.
  • Legal: General Terms & Conditions of Sale, fashion wholesaling and retailing (including over the internet), 3,700 words. 
  • Pro bono work (education): university reference letter. 
  • Cosmetics (very high-end): 500 words, regarding a special offer. 
  • Family law (into Canadian English, adoption and immigration applications): 2,500 words (medical history of child, social history of child, certificates, miscellaneous documentation). 
  • Food (cheese processing): 5,500 words, website, marketing text, product descriptions and details, misc. 



News: Increased understanding of how to write in US English (vocabulary, date format, cultural differences, etc.). / I am now an official European Parliament translator! (On a non-exclusive freelance basis.) / I signed up yet another leading Paris-based LSP (Language Service Provider) as a client, one of the 50 largest in Western Europe (source: Common Sense Advisory). / Up and running with a new client in the US – several orders delivered already.

  • Legal: two contracts, Articles of Association and a certificate. 14,000 words weighted, about 30,000 words in total. 
  • Legal: framework agreement in the vehicle fuel and associated services sector, 3,800 words weighted. 
  • Legal: into US English. Public Supply Contract – Schedule of Special Administrative Clauses, four hours of work amending a document, plus source and target text side-by-side lay-out work, 1,500 words approx. 
  • Oil exploration/financial framework and negotiations/national law and international organisation regulations, Africa: 2,000 words. 
  • Legal: a 2,000-word employment contract for a very well-known international auditing firm. 
  • Report cards/school documents/reference letters: 5,700 words, into US English.  


  • Mobile app: football trivia game, 14,500 words
  • Government/environment: a small but prestigious project for a national government department. 1,000 words. 
  • Marketing material and product descriptions of meat (beef, pork, lamb, halal, etc.) and veggie products sold by a ground-breaking online food wholesaler. Circa 19,500 words. 
  • Financial: Banque de France ratings given to businesses (comparable to Moody's ratings: overall rating = turnover rating + credit rating). 1,600 words. 
  • Legal/hospitality sector: a pest control agreement between a well-known pest control firm and a major French hotel group, 5,400 words
  • Legal/agriculture/scientific research: research agreement between a university and a private-sector company. 2,000 words. 
  • Logistics/dentistry/PR: 1,000 words. 
  • Legal: Articles of Association of a company, 7,000 words.  


  • Agriculture: software packages for use in agriculture, entailing the use of big data. 3,500 words.
  • Law (national legislation): part of the labour code of a French-speaking African country. 5,700 words.


  • Heath/social welfare: French State health insurance information and supplementary health insurance information (reimbursements, etc.). 6,000 words.
  • Business/corporate/HR: training and reference material for project managers: project steering, calls for tender, practical exercise (table-top exercise), template purchasing agreements (x2), technical specifications, purchase order template, dominant communication styles; the whole procedure, from the selection of calls for tender on which to bid to closure.) Approx. 15,500 words.
  • Legal/real estate: summons, 2,000 words.
  • Legal/IT (contract law): algorithms, uptime, corrective maintenance, software updates, etc. 1,400 words.
  • Legal/IT (contract law): data gathering system, 1,850 words.
  • Legal/IT (contract law): Licence Agreement, term sheet. 4,000 words.
  • HR: guide for managers. Structure of HR Dept., annual schedule, appraisal meetings, targets, pay reviews, people reviews, recruitment, internal mobility, etc. 3,850 words.


  • Finance: overview of a sovereign fund, 2,000 words.
  • IT/legal (GDPR): "IT System Security Policy" (policies, procedures, responsibilities, etc.) and "GDPR letter", 8,800 words.


  • Legal (French intellectual property legislation and case law mainly): two articles of the French Intellectual Property Code, seven case law decisions (seven rulings made by the French Court of Cassation and by various French courts of appeal). 8,600 words (this project required the use of, a website which provides the full texts of all the court decisions made in France).  
  • Legal (intellectual property law and tickets for sports events): an interim court order made in an urgent matter. 9,650 words
  • Legal (GDPR, personal data and privacy protection law): amendments to legal agreements, 2,300 words.


  • Legal/IT: service provision agreement, 9,250 words (guaranteed response and fix times, hardware and software, service levels, new versions, patches, SLA, third-party agreements, updates). 
  • IT/business/financial (accounting): offer for sale of a digital document publication company, 6,500 words.
  • Finance: an investment fund prospectus and annual investment fund reviews and fund outlooks. 11,100 words across February and March. 
  • Finance: FinTech and the digital transformation, 2,200 words.
  • Finance, investment banking, 3,000 words.
  • Legal/sport: sports agent representation agreement template (professional football, for one of the top 30 football agents in France). 3,600 words.


  • Finance: investment funds, see above. 
  • Finance (accounting): annual accounts and miscellaneous other documents. 3,400 words.
  • Business/financial (accounting)/ IT: prospective sale of a
    construction business (8,500 words, various business and technical aspects -- etc., etc.


  • Legal: General Ts & Cs of Sale, 1,500 words.
  • Legal: Manufacturing agreement, 2,100 words.
  • Annual accounts (finance), supplementary agreement to a contract of employment (legal) and a job description (HR), 4,000 words.
  • Legal/IT: Service Level Agreement (IT), guide to procedures, 4,400 words.
  • Education: Montessori/bilingual school start-up (education), Paris, various documents, 5,700 words. 



  • HR/social welfare/legal: three summaries of industry-wide French National Collective Bargaining Agreements in finance sectors (entailed knowledge of, and research into, social welfare and related matters, and many other fields), 18,000 words

  • Finance (private equity): compliance structures and procedures for a leading private equity firm (over €8bn in assets under management), 900 words

  • Legal: Orders of Services (two documents, terms & conditions, for a multinational food products corporation), 6,500 words.

  • Legal (corporate law): company registration document ("Kbis") and Articles of Association, for a major European energy provider, 5,500 words


  • Legal/semi-technical: court summons and related material, total 5,500 words.

  • Legal: statement to police as part of criminal investigation, 1,400 words.

  • Legal: preparations for GDPR (the EU Data Protection Directive), within a direct marketing company, which becomes enforceable on 25 May 2018, 1,000 words.


  • Legal/HR: Permanent Employment Contract, 2,600 words.

  • Legal (corporate law): Articles of Association of a company, 2,000 words.

  • Legal: Delegation of Powers document, 4,300 words.

  • Legal/HR: Employment Contract and material concerning job grades, for a French subsidiary of one of the world's foremost banking groups, 2,500 words.

  • Legal: summons to appear in court, 4,000 words. Approx. EUR 800,000 at stake in the case.

  • Other: work in the food industry (for a cheese processing company and for a meat processing company, both in France), approx. 2,000 words.


  • Legal/corporate: 10,000 words, Articles of Association of a company being formed.

  • Legal: "Deed of Assignment" (court-ordered liquidation), 1,700 words.

  • Legal/e-commerce: selective distribution charter (agreement) applicable to e-commerce websites run by third parties on behalf of a prestigious French fashion house, part of one of the world’s leading luxury products groups, 2,200 words.


  • Business: group overview, overview of main competitor, relations with large retail groups, market environment and outlook and a merger proposal, 2,300 words.

  • Banking/research: modelling a part of a business, a two-year project (involving the concepts of ANP or Analytic Network Process, governance and the tool, FCMs or Fuzzy Cognitive Maps, the FCM pattern, matrices, KPIs, loops, etc.), 3,400 words.

  • Finance: overview and performances of investment funds and sub-funds (compartments), macro-economic analysis and outlooks for the various funds, 3,800 words.
  • Banking: launch of a new service, only 500 words but highly important.


  • Legal: French labour law update (French labour law is definitely one of the most complex topics I have dealt with), 4,000 words.
  • Legal: Promotion Terms & Conditions, 2,500 words (also personal data and cookies notices).
  • Business/finance/innovation: supplier auditing process, internal innovation process (stage-gate©) entailing project pipeline, innovation funnel, financial, sales and operations planning, etc. aspects, 7,500 words.

  • Legal: royalties agreement, 3,900 words.

  • Business/legal: a pre-contract disclosure agreement, 4,800 words.


  • Legal: Confidentiality Policy and two contracts, 5,000 words.

  • Legal: General Terms & Conditions of Sale, 2,700 words.
  • Legal: various Principal-Commission Agent agreements, 5,000 words.

  • Legal: Settlement Agreement following a dispute, 2,000 words.

  • HR: employee profiling tools (website and other texts), 3,600 words.
  • Agri-food: meat products brochure ("conventional" meat, hallal meat, organic meat, "animal welfare" meat, etc.), 3,333 words.


  • Legal: planning permission, 6,700 words.

  • Unclassifiable/misc.: high-end investment company reception operations guide, 7,000 words.

  • Legal/business: merger of companies, 3,000 words.

  • Legal (contract law): household electrical goods, 6,700 words.
  • Legal (litigation): summons to appear in court, 4,500 words.


  • Agriculture: animal and plant nutrition, 3,750 words.

  • Politics/finance: 1,850 words on the French Presidential Election and the possible effects of its outcome on financial markets.

  • Sustainable energy (wind) subsidies study (semi-technical): 11,000 words.

  • Legal: permanent employment contract, 3,600 words.

  • Business/finance: annual report of a real estate investment, development and consultancy company, 2,100 words.

          April was a truly fascinating month at work!


  • Legal: Special & General Ts & Cs of Sale, 3,300 words.

  • Legal/business: merger of three companies, 7,500 words.

  • Finance/accounting: press release, 3,500 words.

  • February:
    Legal: court decision, trademark infringement case, 5,700 words.

  • Legal: Selective Distribution Agreement, 5,900 words.

  • Insurance/legal (contract law): insurance policy and assistance agreement, 16,500 words approx.

  • IT/software/HR: HR management system, 7,200 words.


  • Legal: 15,000 words of submissions to a court.
  • Tax/finance/legal: 3,000 words on a corporation tax inspection settlement proposal, in France, involving a parent company in a different country.



  • Business: 3,500 words on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
  • Legal: 4,000 words, sale of a business.


  • Legal/business: template service provider agreement, retail sector, 7,500 words. 
  • Legal/business: report covering legal, tax and labour issues, for a major player in the French beauty care sector: 33,000 words! 
  • Business: a "re-imagining" of a business model, 4,500 words.

October: an interesting foray into iron mining this month.

  • Metallurgy/iron mining/iron extraction project (featuring quite technical aspects): pre-feasability study: 5,300 words.
  • Law: 1) Share account agreement; 2) Equipment supply agreement; 3) Business sale agreement. Total: 6,000 words approx.
  • Wine/business: proposed sale of vineyards and of various other assets in a very prestigious wine-growing area of France, 5,500 words.

September: a very busy month!

  • Food industry: 5,000 words. Factory approval, CE food products identification mark, manufacturing diagrams and internal operating procedures (e.g. cleaning).
  • Law: the sale of shares resulting in the transfer of ownership of a top-league sports organisation, 4,000 words.
  • Corporate/financial/legal: minutes of a meeting of the Board of Directors of a fashion house, 3,000 words.
  • Marketing: market research on organic food products (meat), 1,400 words.
  • Law: statement of grades for a master's degree, 1,500 words.
  • Law: submissions in a legal dispute re corporate management fees (charged by a parent company to a subsidiary), 8,000 words.
  • Law: website of a law firm, 2,300 words.  
  • Residential lease agreement for a high-end property in Luxembourg, 4,300 words.


  • Legal: 8,000 words of submissions in court proceedings (a dispute over jurisdiction, French case law regarding jurisdiction, etc.).

(August tends to be the quietest month of the year business-wise in France, where I and my main clients are based, due to French holidaying culture.)


  • Legal: 11,000 words approx. of case law (regarding the legal liability of company directors). A big achievement.
  • Business: a planned spin-off of a company with turnover of approx. EUR 60 million (the market, the business, production facilities, plant & machinery, structure and resources, financial information, etc.).
    - Legal: 4,000 words, real estate law.
    - Finance: 6,000 words, an investment fund project cycle process.
    - Legal: 4,000 words, an international employment contract.

June: a busy and interesting month in terms of the various areas of law I handled.

  • Marketing: a 3,000-word brand strategy PowerPoint document for a major player in the car manufacturing sector worldwide.
  • IT: a software roll-out across a company, 1,750 words.
  • Legal: 3,000 words, corporate compliance with competition law at the level of individual employees.
  • Legal: 3,700 words, a services and image rights agreement.
  • Legal/business: a supplementary agreement and minutes of a meeting.
  • Legal: 1,600 words, powers of attorney to sell for three physical persons. *
  • Legal: 2,500 words, contributor agreement, corporate communications.


  • Research agreement, legal: 4,000 words.
  • Ts & Cs, legal: 4,000 words.
  • Legal with a minor technical element: two crude oil sale contracts: 9,000 words.
    - Legal/film industry: a co-production agreement: 5,000 words.


  • Tourism, miscellaneous: 13,000 words.
  • Legal/corporate/finance (accounting): company statutes, a tax certificate, company accounts (Profit & Loss Accounts and Balance Sheets) for three years, etc.: 3,000 words.
  • Corporate: company registration documents: 3,000 words.
  • Oenology/wine tasting notes: 1,500 words.
  • Legal/medical/patent dispute before a court -- ruling: 2,000 words.

      April was another hugely rewarding, extremely varied and fascinating month! 


  • Food industry (meat processing): 4,000 words.
  • Legal, two contracts: 4,500 words. 
  • HR/legal: the remuneration policy of a large international firm, 7,000 words.


  • Legal, 3,000 words: a settlement agreement.
  • Health & Safety: 1,700 words.
  • Legal, 6,000 words: a Framework Agreement.
  • Renewable energy: 2,250 words.
  • Legal/finance, 2,600 words: illiquid assets.
  • Legal, 7,000 words: submissions to an Industrial Tribunal.


  • 12,300 words, legal: a framework agreement (subject area: confidential).
  • 7,000 words, legal: French legislation on payment timeframes
    versus international law.

Highlights in late 2015:


  • Approx. 5,000 words, legal: General Terms & Conditions of Use of a website and fastasy sport competition rules.
  • 4,000 words, IT: software solution in the area of shipping/port security.
  • Various tourism promotion work, including 2,000 words on a natural history museum.
  • 3,000 words in the area of sheet metalworking/welding -- semi-technical: testing and QC procedures.


  • 12,500 words, legal: a bank card supply and customisation agreement.
  • 11,500 words on WWI history -- the first Battle of the Marne.
  • 6,500 on a daycare centre project in China.

(A bit of a mix, I'm sure you'll agree!)

Highlights in the rest of 2015:

- Legal/IT: payroll services provision supplementary agreement, 3,000 words.

- Semi-technical and legal: 20,000 words in the area of HVAC.

- Legal: supplier agreement, service level agreement and miscellaneous, 5,500 words.

- Semi-technical: 6,000 words, rail rolling stock, RAMS technical specifications for carriages, as part of a call for tender.

- Legal: 2,000 words, a dispute regarding an inheritance (in relation to an invalid re-marriage).

- 11,000 words in the tourism sector -- 1,000 years of the military history of a town.

- 7,000 words in the tourism sector -- an audio guide for a museum.

- Business plan and financial documents for a project to obtain a very large sum of venture capital. 4,000 words, Word and Excel.

- Street furniture, 4,000 words.

- Legal: two court rulings regarding trade mark infringement, 5,500 words.

- Legal: service provision agreement and miscellaneous legal material, 7,800 words. 

- Legal: supplier annual agreement, 3,000 words.

- Legal/IT: agreement regarding the provision of account statements over the internet, 6,600 words.

- Legal/sport: appeal before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), 5,000 words.

- Wine: website of a large wine estate in Burgundy, France, approx. 3,000 words.

- Environment: work for the EU, 6,000 words, January 2015.

Highlights in 2014:

- Legal: 9,400 words, December 2014.

- Tourism documentation, 15,000 words (completed October 2014).

- Art book: 40,000 words (completed October 2014).

- Rail travel discount cards documentation (12,000 words, August 2014).

- EDF equipment qualification documents (13,472 words, completed 2 July 2014).

- English version of Briottet's website (link) (Briottet is a cassis, liqueurs and spirits manufacturer in Dijon, Burgundy, France).

- 36,000 words on a biomethanation project (for a city in France).

- 10,500 words on equipment testing instructions (on a crane).

- English version of Scripto Sensu's website (link) (a translation agency).

- Update of the (link) English version of FX4Biz's website (a foreign exchange and foreign currency payment and receipt platform -- note: FX4Biz is now operating under a different name -- iBanFirst -- and was worth €20 to €50 million as of May 2017, see Challanges magazine online (in French). One of its investors is Xavier Niel, a well-know French investor in IT start-ups).

Highlights in 2013:

- Agriculture: national fiscal strategy for agricultural sector, 20,700 words (for a country in Africa).

- Legal (intellectual property): court summons – legal, alleged intellectual property infringement, 10,800 words.

Other previous achievements (in reverse chronological order):

60,000 words on PMU Luxembourg’s betting rules and regulations (done using Trados, 2012). 

79,500-word report on French HIV-AIDS policy and screening (2009).

- Approx. 30,000 words in 12/2008 and 03/2009: company statutes, minutes of EGM and shareholders’ agreement of the Axenco group of companies.

- As an interpreter: £3m wine estate sale (Domaine Jessiaume, Burgundy, 2006, see below for further details).

40,000-word report on food retailing in France (2003). 

MORE customer testimonials:

"Parfait !" (perfect) (March 2016)
A comment on my translation of a pastry/viennoiserie manufacturing company's documents.

"J'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à relire votre traduction, elle était très fluide et agréable à lire" (I really enjoyed proofreading your translation, it flowed and was enjoyable to read" (January 2015, regarding my translation of a large Burgundy wine estate's website (see above).

"...j’ai relu environ 90% de votre traduction et cela me parait parfait". ("I have proofread about 90% of your translation and it looks perfect to me")
Project: approx. 12,000 words, a website in the field of liqueurs (please also see the "Briottet website" link above) (2014).

(See below for even more client testimonials -- section 2.)

Credentials verifiable on this website:

- 16 WWA rating (feedback from clients and colleagues on Willingness to Work Again, see above right).

- 100% positive project feedback (see details of large projects completed, below right).

- 1,613 PRO-level KudoZ points earned on (see above right; earned by helping other translators with terms).

- Project History Summary (see above right): positive customer feedback score of 3.

May 2013: pre-selected as a translator for Translators Without Borders, which operates on the same principles as Doctors Without Borders.

(Download my CV in English - click on the links in red text the "CV / Resume" section just above: "English (DOC)".)











My main specialist subject areas are legal, financial, business/corporate and insurance/reinsurance. 

Otherwise, I am a very competent all-round translator with excellent resources and extensive general knowledge, a high IQ, and research skills (both online and offline), and so I will take on most texts that are not overly technical.

I have translated, on average, roughly about 333,000 words per year over the past 15 years or so, amounting to a total of about 5,000,000 words.

Diverse cultural mix: I was brought up in Ireland (by English parents) where I studied Irish as well as English,

I then studied French in the Haute Loire department (dept. 43) in France, from the age of 16 to 18, on an English-French bilingual International Baccalaureate programme.

Then I went on to university, studying English Language and Literature and UK and US History) at Edinburgh University.

Lastly, I studied translation at night school (while working 40-hour weeks) at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), leading to a business translation qualification from the Institute of Linguists, London.

I am now 44 years of age (year of birth: 1974).


"All in all a great job. I really like your rich vocabulary and your way of putting things".
- Björn Houben, Freelance Translator, De Pinte, Belgium.

"Thank you very much for your translations, fast work and your cooperation".
- Michaela Michailova, Project Account Manager, Applied Language Solutions (now operating as Capita), Greater Manchester, UK.

"Merci pour cet excellent travail, vos traductions sont parfaites et c’est pour nous un gain de temps important car il n’y a pas de correction nécessaire" ("Thanks for the excellent job, your translations were perfect and that means that we will save a lot of time because we won't have to make any corrections")
- Fabrice Bénichou, CEO of Imhotep Création, part of the Axenco Group, Pont-Evêque (Isère, dept. 38), France.


  • Legal -- contracts (miscellaneous), Ts&Cs, employment tribunal submissions and judgements, summonses to appear in court, court submissions, court rulings, legislation (mainly of France and of French-speaking African countries), case law, intellectual property law (trademark infringements, etc.), comparative law, mediation/arbitration procedures, CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) submissions and rulings, etc., etc.;
  • Finance -- accounting: annual reports, Balance Sheets, P&L Sheets (Income Statements), general accounting material, analysis etc., etc.; investment funds: investment fund prospectuses and annual investment fund reviews and fund outlooks; macroeconomics: global economic review and outlooks; etc., etc.; 
  • Business/corporate -- articles of association (statutes), shareholders' agreements, CSR (corporate social responsibility) material, business plans, sales of businesses, turnaround plans, liquidations, etc. etc.; 
  • Insurance/reinsurance;
  • HR -- French labour legislation and related matters, such as social welfare; collective bargaining agreements; employment contracts; training material, etc. etc. 
  • Etc., etc.


€0.06 - €0.09 per word


Agence Européenne de Traduction (Paris area), HL Trad (450,513 words translated, various
offices in Europe), Solten (offices
worldwide), Global Voices (offices

Other clients worldwide -- Italy, Germany, Portugal, Canada, Greece, USA, Ireland, UK, etc.



- Dictionaries:

Dictionnaire de l’Anglais Juridique (Business Management Series), The Council of Europe French-English Legal Dictionary (F.H.S. Bridge), Dahl's Law Dictonary (Henry Saint Dahl).

Le Robert & Collins du Management, Glossaire Comptable et Financier (Elizabeth Zgradic-Zirnhelt), Lexique Bilingue Comptabilité Finance (Langues Pour Tous series), Dictionnaire de L’Economie, de la Finance et de la Comptabilité (Marie-Claude Esposito).

Insurance/reinsurance: RISK INSURANCE REINSURANCE / LEXICON, SEP L'Assurance Française.

Technical: Routledge Technical Dictionary.

Human Resources: Dictionary of Human Resources (Editions Liaisons).

IT: Dictionnaire Bilingue de l’Informatique (French Computing Dictionary) (Maxima).

Wine: LexiWine/LexiVin (compiled by Paul Cadiaux).

General: The Oxford English Dictionary (English-English), Larousse online (Larousse (link), French-French).

- Other resources: - Online resources: term searches (link), Le Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique (Canada) (link), (link), (link), InterActive Terminology for Europe / IATE (link), specialised glossaries, Google searches, "Canada searches", Termium (Canadian French), etc.

- Personal resources: personal database (Excel) and glossaries found on the internet and saved.

- Human resources: my family and friends, my contacts in business, finance and industry in Ireland, in France, in the UK and elsewhere worldwide.

And a mention to the book where it all began: "Stylistique Comparée du Français et de l'Anglais" (published by Didier).

7) Sworn translation / GBP 3,000,000 wine estate deal:

Sworn translation:

In 2006 I worked as a sworn translator and interpreter (traducteur et interprète assermenté) attached to the Cour d'Appel (the Court of Appeal) in Dijon, Burgundy, France.
I no longer offer sworn translation services.

GBP£3m wine estate deal:

In November 2006 I was involved as an interpreter in a GBP£3m wine estate deal:

"Rangers chairman buys Burgundy estate" Link:
"Scottish football chairman David Murray has just bought a Burgundy estate for more than £3m.

According to the Scotland on Sunday newspaper, Murray, chair of Glasgow’s Rangers Football Club, has snapped up Domaine Jessiaume in the village of Santenay in Cote de Beaune.


8) Hire a Professional Translator by Starting out on the Right Foot - Part 1

Link to Part 1:


Link to Part 2:


20 Things Translators Know But Most People Don’t

By Anthony Teixeira (link)


I won't let you down: on-time, good value, high-quality translation and excellent service guaranteed.

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